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Saturday, February 14, 2004

weights, the pros and cons

tragedy ends in a gowns pocket, they say, one calls, another answers, but its silent slippers. do you know how to feed the dead? the answer whispers, knowing pointblank past a half dark transition; snap’s lautreamont at noon, mallets collected; inspired by oedipal questions then . . . offers the sphinx; even wings of angels have claws. this was significant, this is a christian bernard kind of fashion. a bizarre length only christian bernard possessed. end corners only christian bernard collected. grand feelings, announcing dead leafs. apologies indifferent to the limbs, feeble fingers between brutal neon; on and off, anchoring christian bernard to a preference, at best a collector’s edition, that gives nothing away, leaving weights of pros and cons to indifference.

read my lips: subtitled

take off your coat; that was the illusion, take off your coat; that was a short thick containing three kilograms of space. yes, with the mice. yes, with the rats, yes, with spiders. yes, with deranged imagination against a slimy wall, as will the smoke at the door, with folded arms, a thousand eyes, evil eyes, veiled eyes like birds that have died, double locked clumps of cold laid steel. remember how you say; remember glass and cooling secrets at the back of my hands. I stop in front of cage, imprisoned in smoke, blue creatures imprisoned in the cage say; yes, take a little sip, take a sip again, take another day, a pair of unlovely smudges. the telephone rings. royal words, locomotive giacomettis. fizzy mental chain past present imitating names. neat lines neat with the word thief, switchboard and silence, orchestration and armored skepticism. I drown in tallow. drown in the sounds of lilacs, rubbed out telephones lines. I fuse an adjective into a van gogh. how could I fuse a week into a clover? or maybe just wait for the dew to settle on the sea.

Check out
chris murray's
Texfiles Poet of the Week:
Anny Ballardini and the wonderful work:

what wonderful writing... nice pick chris....

this is great news... old news but great news!!

Leslie Feinberg's
Stone Butch Blues Re-released

A GOLFER who was born a man will create a world-first when she lines up for the Australian Women's Open next month.

take that, sex-obsessed homo-pervert right wingers!!! 

Literary rescue

READERS: Go buy books at the Grolier Poetry Book Shop on Plympton Street in Cambridge! The one-room store is struggling financially, but open and crammed with some 16,000 poetry books, according to owner Louisa Solano.

"I need as many sales as possible to pay off bills," Solano says bluntly. And book-lovers can understand: It's better to rally the troops to save a beloved store rather than organize a pity party once a storeowner has no other option but to close. (read more)

We are headed to through the blindness of history with separate but equral, yet again, a two tiered state... mini fascism or just blatant fascism... this country is on the verge of a cultural war.... .... and it is time to draw the line in the sand...

Republican insiders say Bush will support FMA
Christopher Curtis, / Network
Friday, February 13, 2004 / 06:26 PM

Gay Republican insiders told the Washington Blade Friday they expect President George W. Bush to endorse the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), which would force states to deny recognition of same-sex marital

S.F. trans health care called 'discriminatory'
Patrick Letellier, / Network

Despite protests from transgender activists and the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, the San Francisco Health Service Board voted Thursday to continue offering benefits to transgender city workers that activists say are blatantly discriminatory.


Friday, February 13, 2004

And now for the late edition of gratitude to the NY section of my trip...belated as it maybe... ahh, what can I say.. NY.. NY.. it makes me want to move to India.... or San Francisco

First, Michael Smoler, artist, writer, and dear dear friend, who offered me a soft futon, and when my depression crept in like oil from hell took care of me, took me out to eat, somewhere in Brooklyn where we had many glasses of fine wine, and I had butternut squash bread pudding, which was a comforting combination.....could I offer enough gratitude to this individual never-.. but that is what compadres in the revolution are. and I loveloveloveyou Michael...

just a note... this is in no order of importance or hierarchal positioning-.. it just comes as it does...

Both Brenda Iijima and Alan Sondheim, organized the reading at Casper Jones Cafe, my one regret is Alan was unable to attend and I so much wanted to meet this individual who has generated enough work for ten books. And Brenda, who has a new book out, AROUND SEA on O books, 2004, who also does Yo Yo labs (see below - Allison Cobb's CELL), was the most gracious hosterest...

I was so honored to read with Charles Bernstein, who has done and offered so much to the poetry community. Charles read mostly from With Strings. The one thing I have always enjoyed so much about Charles work, is the use of humor which can be so lacking in some poetics....and I want to thank Charles for offering me a copy of Rough Trades.. a wonderful book.. thank you Charles...

those in a attendance were many... some dear dear friends and collaborators in poetic projects like, Christopher Martin, who is the editor of Puppyflower, and a wonderful poet. Brenda Coultas was in attendance, who is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met, and who has a fabulous book out called A HANDMADE MUSEUM.... this is a book not to be missed. Jen Coleman, Ethan Fugate and Allison Cobb were there and the reasons I put them all together is they are all editors of Pom2, on its 4th edition... yes!!!. I want to point out also Allison Cobb (see below yo-yo labs) has a new book out born2, which I only glanced at flying home, but looked delirious, delicious, dreamy [you pick]. ohm, yes.. I shall not forget...David Kirschenbaum who does Boog City, which is a poetry newspaper, that every city be lucky enough to have.. .. and I am sure I am missing some flokz... some wonderful folkz I sat and chatted with... but I cannot remember who else was there except someone named Rodrigo

being dyslexic, I do not always connect the z(s) with r(s)... so when Rodrigo, Brenda and I went out for some Costa Rician beans and rice, fired plantain, and beer, I felt like I was talking to two revolutionaries and the revolution could start any minute, as a matter of fact, the more beer we had, the more I contemplated onMolotov cocktails. Well, come to find out.. I was with a revolutionary.. Rodrigo Toscano, who wrote one of my all time favorite books, the kind of book that sends energy up and down my spine, Platform, from Atelos 2002...

so .. if I missed the person who tired to pick me up at the heath food store, thank you thank you.. New York..

double your trouble - toil to a stubble

in the beginning we ate collateral damage, pretended to be slugs. it was an easy life, barbecues, cathode-ray tubes, KY for those secret rendezvous. not room for much else, tried to avoid the sun as much as possible, mostly due to a DNA debacle with those insipid bipeds. it was awful, helicopters full of garbage, heaps of singing corpses a la king. what a scene, disco being reinvented for the 10th time. I kept saying something about the wheel, the wheel, but the word was not around long before the ideal became an appendage extension; call it a cigar, but never a nobody being a nobodys fool on a hill. lessons were given on makeshift and wearable shoes. good-n-plenty was a personal deity, -unless one has too much cheap- beer, wine, whiskey, food, liquor, lavish costumes, chocolate, coffee, or the rest and becomes christian in feelings, jewish in food, buddhist in shoes, moslem for a good time, and hindu for many lifetimes. that is about when everyone joined the wright brothers sisters daughters fathers tom, dick and mary's entertainment board of wicked dock workers, or was it the oxford dictionary of nursery rhythms, inc.? everyone wanted a new place, and at times pined for mete-or-ological faith healers and or renumerative suggestions. bigger, cleaner, wetter, faster, broader, more often, longer, harder, much harder, richer, prettier, louder, sooner or later all came after the invention of the hyphen-dot-happiness-dot-com; someone had the bright idea of toothpicks and pyramids, and for a while they were head-to-head, toe-to-toe, while the rest waited in place with plastic teeth in hand . . .

@ Home is not space

Jack_____, is offering a free book, I take it, it is one one poem with art work...
send request to:
231 minnesota ave. buffalo, ny 14215

I am sure sending some stamps along would not hurt since it is free....


Allison Cobb's CELL

chapbook, edition of 123 copies
Colorized collage cover, ink drawings within by Brenda Iijima

*Language is harnessed by vaulted structures, thereby honing meaning toward
an epic, though microscopic level...distress finds corollary gesture in
irony and syncopation. The body is converted into narrative where
syntactical play rules--this is reminiscent of Gertrude Stein's
approache(s). Pain centers glow. So do caricatures that take the form of
animals--they are the liberators of regulating structures...*

available for $6 ppd. from:

Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
596 Bergen Street, #1
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(make check out to Brenda Iijima)

Gertrude Stein

A Very Valentine


         Very fine is my valentine.

         Very fine and very mine.

  Very mine is my valentine very mine and very fine.

  Very fine is my valentine and mine,very fine very mine and mine my




atticus/finch is pleased to announce the release of its inaugural
chapbook, Cynthia Sailers *Rose Lungs.*

Rose Lungs is printed in an edition of 100 copies with beautifully
letterpressed covers (with the help of Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform
Press), and here¡?s the best part: they're actually affordable! That¡?s right
folks, each is only FIVE DOLLARS!!

If you are not familiar with Sailers elegant lines, take a look below:

Study From Life, 1889

How little I know of real pain. & yet inflicting the same on her as on
objects themselves. I was longing to be tied up for civilization's sake.
But there I was in the face of John Singer Sargent's girl with buttocks
exposed. She is not to be mocked. Then she says, you bore me. You
and pornography. Misanthrope, your only self-defense is in the
crawlspace. (Faraway) in sea fog I thought better than to procure an
inveterate narcissism. Barthes says, in Japan everything changes.
Puzzling, I was an accident under blue sky yonder. " A supplement to
palpable boredom." Unless it is reached through another field of bliss.
The waters are murky, and when the wreck starts, each piece is a
beautiful lie.

For RUSHED delivery, send five dollars (well concealed cash / check) to:
Michael Cross
atticus/finch chapbooks
SUNY Buffalo
306 Clemens Hall
Buffalo NY 14260


Thursday, February 12, 2004

from a backdrop of cadavers
comes four hundred years with a handicap

from vending machine to station sanctions to coin in a vending fountain - no means succeed like exceeding past lube bearing depression machines - crushed or not - pins and needles of varying colors more wilted lettuce within an image of an image conspiring to be a fluxist determinist.

I need tomorrow - I need seventy-five more minutes - lets hope that someone in an oilskin raincoat has proper identity and is not another gog and magog on the rebound

now lets imagine boldness or shyness - too syrupy too radiant too heavy too lecherous - how about if I say I will say what if I say - you know what I mean - insipid madonnas both of them morse code as hard boiled eggs - its the last two minutes before the next before - before a bastard or swine borrows depression - lives in paris, orders humiliation over easy with a biscotti on the side - it’s quarter past a littler after the last time - go ahead and turn next sunday to a modernist misprint - no pain no metallica - keep smiling imagine nonexistent hands, a little too human - imagine thinking having a drink and having that drink - the mind is in the suitcase - to be determined later - do watch for swelling - and like scissors with sufficient embrace - drop a quarter in the machine and wait for the next.

Maranwë Ancalímon
Is my elfen name

Mathematical Poetry - A Small Anthology




The Southern Comfort Conference announces its 1st Transgender Film
Festival, to be hosted at its 14th annual conference in Atlanta,
September 30 - October 2, 2004.

All submissions must be in DVD format. Please submit a copy rather than
your original, as submissions will not be returned. They can be short or
feature length, in any genre and any subject, SO LONG AS they are
relevant to transgender culture or perspectives. Entrants need not be
transgendered themselves, so long as these criteria are met.

Our intention is to develop an annual film festival at Southern Comfort
that is juried, with prizes awarded. Our mission is to celebrate and
support the evolution of *authentic* transgender culture in the cinematic
arts. We are counting on the creativity of potential entrants like
yourself to make this a success.

The DEADLINE for submissions is July 1st.

For information and to enter, contact:
For more information about the Southern Comfort Conference, please visit
our website at:

San Francisco Officials Marry Gay Couple

In a bold political and legal challenge to California law, city authorities officiated at the marriage of a lesbian couple Thursday and said they will issue more gay marriage licenses.


Chronicles of Earthsea
Ursula Le Guin's online Q&A


Aaron Tieger’s Fish Blog

many thanks, belated..... or not - Philly section...

first, TIMOTHY MARTIN, who works at Hedgerow Theatre now presenting The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), who picked me up at the air port, took me to the theathre, the cast party.... and was just the sweetest friends and by the way a wonderful...wonderful writer, do I gush over him... if I had a brother...

href="">CAConrad, who past my name along to others and encouraged an invitation, who has many forth coming books including DEVIANT PROPULSION (Soft Skull Press), (which I can not wait to get my hands on)., who you can also find @ THE PHILLY SOUND: New Poetry... who I did not get enough time to talk to at La Trazza’s, who was drinking .. a chocolate martini, who is ..... like a poetry machine.. put CAConrad in goggle and you will tilt the machine... thank you thank you...

and the hosterest with the mosterest....Frank Sherlock, who took care of things from the beginning.... thank you Frank...and by the way.. that was *the best introduction*... I was ginger..... and would love to get a copy of..

there where many wonderful folkz in attendance, some of whose names I have forgotten and do apologize, the one’s I remember are jena osman, hassen,, Mytili Jagannathan,, and Rachel Blau DuPlessis, I thank you so much for being there, it was wonderful...thank you thank you...

and Ron Silliman, who I was fortunate to read with, who many may disagree with, but who offers so much back to the community, endless daily offerings, links and insights. Ron... as many may know is a deep reader... and one of the few who was able to read enough into my writing to know I do not use gender pronouns... this is a deep reader and (sensitive) (insightful) (thoughtful) [you pick one or all three] person, I humbly applaud all this work this individual does.... the reading that night, that Ron gave as always let me drift on the edge of language where I filled in the visual gap... wonderful .... simply wonderful... and I must add this touching note.. after the reading Ron, told me, that there was a site to listen to me read, and Ron, said we had a similar voice tone.. and ways.. may mean more to me than any one.. thank you Ron.. thank you and thank you for taking the time to talk about my new book iduna on Silliman’s blog

and last but not least the heckler... who reminded me it was because I lived in the land of the free I could say what I say... to which I responded... I live in the land that regulates me... or something like that..

again... thank you all..

Hermetic Hotties
What is Anne Carson doing on The L Word?
By Meghan O'Rourke

In the past five years, Anne Carson has somehow become a culture hero—the *anti-bourgeois* variety of icon that, as Susan Sontag once noted, appeals by being *repetitive, obsessive, and impolite.* That Carson is serving as a catalyst for an L Word moment of erotic connection—and as a signpost for the audience the show plainly expects to draw—is not, for those who have been following her career, entirely surprising. But what vision of love and relationships is an invocation of Anne Carson supposed to telegraph, exactly—and how did it come to be noteworthy enough for television?

being used in 1974

Thanks, for the excellent discussion bring-back, to be sure; and Thanks, for keeping the issue of regret and offending (for whom the bees do); and yes, I certainly don't think straight about how I certainly don't think straight, about people lost in a war that was never a war, that is a war... those recent phallocentric wanna-be's in either can or I feel however. as some say;  two many thought murders, resemble speech. In general, however, alien to the relationship of the following; Thanks, when you're not your spiked perjoratives. It is really well conceived. well something meat. which did not know its subject as, "je." so, let’s get more careful in our professional life discussions... no one within a hundred becomings of saying; respond to the term; I am redemptive, always in print and out of the matter. and Thank you, Thank you, for keeping the future inaccurate and even more careful. In general, however, Thanks, for keeping the great; I am an AnngggRRRY mother of all heterosexualists in 1974 fucking aluminum hum object or amerika... again . . . Thank you; from us to eternity.


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

7:30 PM At Telegraph Avenue
A $2 Donation is Requested


Sunday, February 15

Ballet Shoes
Ballet shoes- beautiful, graceful, and creative,
you enjoy dancing writing and music. You are
often very poetic and sometimes dramatic. You
keep to yourself aside from a few close friends
that you can relate to. [please vote! thank
you! :)]

What Kind of Shoe Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Arab society copes with gender change

Stormy session for Marlyn

IT SEEMS John Knox was calling in a few favours from the "interruption" during the gender recognition debate on the Mound as Marlyn Glen, the Labour MSP, rose to speak. The official transcript of the debate reads: *We have not just a legal obligation but a moral obligation to recognise the acquired gender of transsexuals and, importantly, their right to a birth certificate that shows that acquired gender ... Choosing to change one’s whole lifestyle is not an easy option. (Interruption). I presume that I will be given extra time to cover that interruption.*

Harisu: woman revealed

Gorgeous. That is the only word that comes to mind when face-to-face with Korea's first transgender singer and actress - now a regular TV star and model in Taiwan and China - fast becoming one of Asia's hottest entertainers. Her name is Harisu, 28, and her show name is coined after, "Hot Issue."

Film Review: Beautiful Boxer
By Kirk Honeycutt
BERLIN (Hollywood Reporter) - "Beautiful Boxer" tells the amazing real-life story of Nong Toom, who captured public fancy in Thailand as a transsexual kickboxer.

for those who missed the reading in NYC... here is a section from my last pome I read in both philly and NYC...

(from:) obedience

the blood rushes through my limbs - this is a fortuitous moment: I have a ratchet in each hand and nothing to do. the system lines up, pumps through my heart and hands - questions rise and fall. everyone is waiting for something, a social process, various forms to fill in, a cybernetic coup d’etat. pronouns are lost then found or never invented or intended. the cultural elite play safe, with stick familiar.

during a fire drill, everyone freezes, I feel a rush of blood, turn pale, fall over. there is not enough boats to go around, someone will constantly be cold - everyone will steal anything and name it a different thing. perfectly trimmed hedges, extend loans in the hypothalamus. the hypothalamus holds the answer in deep suspense for another year. the radius of the sun may or may not change. hours are handed out to the poor. no hands, but coins; no coins, but gutters; not gutters, but always. a month has gone by, the sea is at our feet. it is not our feet, it is a dvd. there is a noble sound for 3.42 seconds; which can be put on random or repeat. I forget to remember remembering. I can not trust my memory; too many sticky after thoughts, too many after nouns.

I want to offer a public apology... somehow-.. I got the dates for the reading misconstrued or something... and in the mad rush to organize time, (of which Brenda Iijima did a wonderful job..) I miss read or missed one of the email or something. and put down what was the first date and then later the date was changed... and I did not get the change on al the information I sent out...

so my deep apology to those who showed up on tuesday...

-peace now-


House Bill 3077
is now before the Senate (passed the House of Representatives already).

I received this over a list serve from Marilyn Hacker . . .
and it is worth noting, as with any bill from congress it is a mixed metaphor... on one hand offering to improve international education and on another to monitor education...(see below)...

(1) IN GENERAL- The International Advisory Board shall provide
recommendations in accordance with subsection (b) regarding
Page 10
improvement of programs under this title to the Secretary and the
Congress for their review. The Board may--
-(A) review and comment upon the regulations for grants under
this title;
-(B) monitor, apprise, and evaluate a sample of activities
supported under this title based on the purposes and objectives of
this title in order to provide recommendations for improvement of
the programs under this title;
-(C) make recommendations that will assist the Secretary and the
Congress to improve the programs under this title to better reflect
the national needs related to the homeland security, international
education, and international affairs, including an assessment of the
national needs and the training provided by the institutions of
higher education that receive a grant under this title for expert and
non-expert level foreign language training;
-(D) make recommendations to the Secretary and the Congress
regarding such studies, surveys, and analyses of international
education that will provide feedback about the programs under
this title and assure that their relative authorized activities reflect
diverse perspectives and represent the full range of views on world
regions, foreign languages, and international affairs;
-(E) make recommendations that will strengthen the partnerships
between local educational agencies, public and private elementary
and secondary education schools, and grant recipients under this
title to ensure that the research and knowledge about world
regions, foreign languages, and international affairs is widely
disseminated to local educational agencies;
-(F) make recommendations on how institutions of higher
education that receive a grant under this title can encourage
students to serve the nation and meet national needs in an
international affairs, international business, foreign language, or
national security capacity;
-(G) make recommendations on how linkages between institutions
of higher education and public and private organizations that are
involved in international education, language training, and
international research capacities to fulfill manpower and
information needs of United States businesses; and
-(H) make recommendations to the Secretary and the Congress
about opportunities for underrepresented populations in the areas
of international relations, international affairs, and international
economics, in order to effectively carry out the activities of the
Institute under part C.
-(2) HEARINGS- The International Advisory Board shall provide for
public hearing and comment regarding the matter contained in the
recommendations described in paragraph (1), prior to the submission of
those recommendations to Secretary and the Congress.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004