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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dear All

We are glad to inform that all 5 members of Blue Diamond Society who were arrested on 2 October 2005 are released this evening, today, after 48 hours of detention. All The Metis had to sign a statement prepared by Hanuman Dhoka Police, which says "The Metis would not promote prostitution and they would not pollute the society again. Statement further says, "If the Metis were found walking again in the night in streets of Kathmandu they would be prosecuted. Neema Lams was asked to pay 1000 RS on the 2nd October night when the police arrest her and before taking to the Hanuman Dhoka Police station police asked the 110 Rs from the Metis for medical check up at Bir Hospital, which police supposed to pay. But Metis denied paying any money to the Police. Metis were then abused verbally.

We would like to thank all the international organizations, individuals, friends, media and relatives for your solidarity and support on this difficult time.

Thank you very much.
In solidarity,
Sunil B Pant
Blue Diamond Society
October 4, 2005

Sunday, October 02, 2005

 [lgbt-india] Shahrukh is the new Ardhnarisvara
“Metrosexuality is nothing but the concept of the ancient Ardhnarisvara, which has become the
most important cultural signifier in recent times”

Masculine women, Feminine men, which is the rooster, which is the hen? Both, if you take the opinion of art historian, curator and author Dr. Alka Pandey who believes that gender is not about the body, the symbology of the Ardhnarisvara coming of age in contemporary society cannot be mistaken. “With financial empowerment you can see the latent shakti in women coming to the fore. What else is all the talk about power dressing for women in the boardroom? Rohit Bal’s male models sporting kohl and vermillion on their foreheads were nothing but an assertion of his homosexuality. Shah Rukh in the Lux ad sensuously soaping himself would have been sacrilege till sometime ago. Today’s it’s the current rage, everyone is talking about it. All this talk of metrosexuality is nothing but a synonym for the ancient concept of Ardhnarisvara coming into its own in a society which has learnt to rise above gender divides and understand that the ultimate is in attaining the divine balance between the male and female side which exists in every individuals.”'