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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Lockyer rejects halt to nuptials
He dismisses governor's demand as a political ploy
Nanette Asimov and Ryan Kim, Chronicle Staff Writer

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer on Saturday rebuffed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's demand that he force an end to San Francisco's same-sex marriages, calling the directive political rhetoric.

"The governor can direct the Highway Patrol. He can direct the next 'Terminator 4' movie if he chooses. But he can't direct the attorney general in the way he's attempted to do," Lockyer said, adding that Schwarzenegger's written directive "was a statement designed for consumption at the Republican convention."

:: whispers of the Beloved ::Sufi poetry, quotes, stories, parables & discourses from Sufi sources from various works

bibliography for trans people of color/a>

thank you for this one, chris murray@tex files
, I can not say I am surprised...

You're Lolita!

by Vladimir Nabokov

Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every way, though you admit that this probably isn't the best and you're not sure what causes this desire. Nonetheless, you've done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real. Please stay away from children.

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at the Blue Pyramid.

Nevada activists split over judge's ruling on gay marriages

Governor demands end to gay marriage
Lockyer told to act against S. F.'s same-sex licenses

San Francisco Valentine Weekend Revolution in photos

that's what they get for messing with queers..

Same-sex marriage case poses a legal puzzle

Court may not grant transgender man's request to void union

A lawsuit seeking to end the marriage of two women could put a Houston judge in the awkward position of recognizing a same-sex union, an attorney in the case said Tuesday.

site of subversive information.. go there today and pollute you mind...

|||| art, activism
association Apsolutno, Semiotics of Confusion
Luchezar Boyadjiev interviewed by Geert Lovink, Liabilities into Assets
Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz, Anti-Technologies of Resistance
Francesca da Rimini, Ghost Manifesto
Ricardo Dominguez, Diogenes On-line 2.0
Miklos Erhardt & Duna Maver, Structure of Avoidance

|||| media, tactical interviewed by Jaka Zeleznikar, Now You're in My Computer
Autonome a.f.r.i.k.a., What is Communication Guerrilla
Luther Blissett, XYZ of Net Activism
Natalie Bookchin interviewed by Beryl Graham, New Media, Community Art ...
Candida TV, Reality-Fiction
C.U.K.T. interviewed by Joasia Krysa, Techno-Transgressions
Peter Lamborn Wilson, Response to the Tactical Media Manifesto

|||| media, sovereign
Kestutis Andrasiunas interviewed by Joanne Richardson, Institutio Media
Heidi Grundmann, But is it Radio?
Institute for Transacoustic Research, Transacoustic Research
Eric Kluitenberg, Media without an Audience

|||| media culture, autonomy
Alex Adriaansens & Nat Muller, V2_Organisation
Inke Arns interviewed by Joanne Richardson, mikro
Blace, Mars & Medak interviewed by Joanne Richardson, Multimedia Institute
Brett Bloom, Cesare Piertoiusti & Greg Sholette, Folds of an Institution
Kristine Briede interviewed by Joanne Richardson, K@2, Karosta

|||| markets, immaterial labor
Franco Berardi Bifo interviewed by Matt Fuller & snafu, Cognitariat & Semiokapital
Manuel De Landa, Self-Organizing Markets
Alex Galloway, Possibility

|||| borders
Aleksandar Boskovic, Virtual Places: Imagined Boundaries & Hyperreality
Luchezar Boyadjiev, Overlapping identities
Calin Dan, Geography of Doom
Miklos Erhardt, Crossing the Gap
Javor Gardev, Unbearable Lighness of being Barbarian

|||| urban space, movement
Stefano Boeri, Uncertain States of Europe
Francesca Iovino, Sciatto, Metropolis of Trajectories
Gruppo A12, Process
Marina Grzinic, Metelkova: Actions in a Zone of Indifference
Fran Ilich, Spaced Out: A Personal Geography to Mexico City


can any one take this person seriously... this is just another replicant trying to play goveratnor, just like the president is trying to play human.....its time we all stood up up and got married.. said no to this silliness... every queer needs register to get married in every town and hamlet in this country.. it needs to be a concerted effort.. to topple the powers that be...

SAN FRANCISCO, California (CNN) -- Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has warned San Francisco to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of state law.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Cambodian king backs same-sex marriage
Ben Townley, U.K.

Lesbians and gays fighting for equality across the world have found an unlikely supporter -- the king of Cambodia.

It has emerged that King Norodom Sihanouk is a keen backer of lesbian and gay rights, and has even expressed his wishes for his country to accept and "legalize" same-sex marriages.

Federal Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade Case

This week, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (D) said he would have "no problem" if Cook County allowed gay marriages. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak (D) has issued a proclamation in favor of treating gay couples the same as heterosexuals. Mayors in Salt Lake City and Plattsburgh, N.Y., also have expressed support for same-sex marriage.

Sixteen gay and lesbian couples protesting a Texas ban on same-sex unions were denied marriage licenses today by the Harris County Clerk

Bush Rouses The Sleeping Dogs Of The Culture War

I Have Seen the Future, and It's San Francisco

Jerry Falwell Forms Anti-Gay Marriage Coalition

Remaking America in Wal-Mart's Image

PA Republican lawmaker targets gay couples, Amendments would ban same-sex benefits, civil uinions, domestic

Gay and lesbian couples won another reprieve Friday when a judge declined to immediately stop San Francisco from granting them marriage licenses, saying conservative groups failed to prove the weddings would cause irreparable harm.

New Mexico county begins issuing marriage licenses to gay couples

A county clerk issued marriage licenses Friday to at least 15 gay couples, some of whom then exchanged vows outside the courthouse, as more same-sex couples lined up for a chance to tie the knot.

Same-sex weddings vexing politicians

(San Francisco, California) Protestant and Jewish leaders on Thursday praised San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Many of the synagogues and churches had been blessing gay couples with commitment ceremonies.

I recently met face-to-face a stranger... it had nothing to do with this quest writer who I invited to submit a poem... the below work is by Stan Apps, who was at one of my home reading... stan stared some work with me.. this piece *I have been enthusiam* struck me, stirred in me.. brounced off th walls and landed here..,,,

I have been enthusiasm, often. Believe me, I have been believe. I want to be approved of, which of course requires a form. The words in the poem. You step between them and they praise your wishes. With a whim, you can deceive yourself, and wash the ugliness out of the poem.

The gadgets in the poem are attackable, like her mouth becomes really tense. Wind blows the expression off of someone’s face. And if what we want to dois couples calisthenics at our wedding, with personal trainers to assist us, then the question is which gym will we call. I need to be encouraged correctly. Yes, I’m sure I will need to be tugged at, tweaked, and prodded—but I also want to be rewarded, with stage-whispers of approval—

such as a mother spills, when there are no more dishes in the ocean. Good men have gotten sick sometimes of committing violent crimes, for the better future that the war-profiteers have advertised—These men should remember that God approves of everything, sooner or later, and better yet the girls that were requisitioned will soon be arriving on a truck, as soon as some more locals have “volunteered” to trade their sex for room and

board. *Bored* is a word that expresses why things happen. If no one spoke, read, or wrote, or took off their underwear expecting admiration or a blank stare, then we would all be *bored.* God is bored. God loves the blank stare of the victim whose recovery is eternally delayed by further violence. He created the world so He could have this person to be near him without contradicting him. If all that one expects is to be hurt, then one stops

expecting, so abused children actually are Nirvana. Religions without bloodstains make no sense. To make sense, a religion must accept war as the natural lop-sidedness, that disintegrates the moral fiber of those whose lifestyles consider themselves blessed. In my constitutionally-protected abuse of privacy. Wash wishes off. Following a whim that seems rather stupid is one way to feel relatively free. I am glad this writing has no destiny

to commit. I refuse to believe that any of these whims have been predestined! I admit I have been wanting to say these things, but I can no longer be bound by that. Our values thrived during the gunplay brought on by the food shortage. Our dead became new chapters in the textbook of Mechanical Defeat. Teeth fall out without a dentist. Each of our dead is a new tooth in the snapped-shut jaw of God. Dead bodies are predestined, so

the meaning of each death is the only obstacle to a history that adds up to a Heaven we commute to, through internal processes. Exaltation. Joy. We can be persuaded to experience truly wonderful transformations, which through loyalty, we prove we did deserve those Heavens where we’ve been.

Stan Apps was born in Toronto, grew up in Waco, Texas, and is currently eager to move away from L.A. again. He has an unpublished book, currently called "tickle at the knock-knock," and can be contacted at


from: a day in the life of p., subpress, 2002

one more step.......

outside a concrete compound with its neon location adornments, p. took a deep breath, smoked five cigarettes, slipped on four different i.d.s and produced a set of keys for secure areas. a set of keys that meant prestige. a set of keys that hung out of the right front pocket. when something would walk, the keys would rattle which gave whatever a relative perspective. a ground. a noise that related directly to movement though space.

walking through the two locked doors and registering at the mandatory sign-in sheet to prove presence, sometimes would be hit with an onslaught of subtle demands for updates and affair changes.

youre late . . . its 11:40 . . . where have you been?

the sisterbrother kingqueens are back, but now both have beards!!

the contingency wants a meeting. they want to know why they only get 10% of the services, when they are 15% of the population!!

mary john in bed 225 . . . slashed the right wrist of too-much-right-now-thank-you in bed 332, mistaking it for mary johns own wrist and when I asked why, mary john responded that it was something to do with discomfort and paint fumes. also, there are only three beds left! do we put the rest in the bathrooms with cots and extra valuim or give them a voucher for a rent-a-map to albuquerque?

from somewhere else, in a direction that was not -

the budget has to be done - it has to look real on paper. how it ends up is of no concern.

and from the same direction but a different voice, though it could be the same person -

theres an outbreak of scurvy in the most fit dorm and theres lice in the near to earthen section.

p. grabbed the memos and notes from a random passerby, lists of new forms and policy changes that had changed in the latest sessions of the department of subtle changes. whatever continued to walk through an aroma of the unbathed and too much deodorant to a cubicle with a lock and dead palm, slammed the door and ducked down as the computer automatically turned on. something stared at the calendar trying to figure out what it meant, then looked at the phone and could tell by the number of flashes there were 47 messages. p. tried to count the flashes over and over:

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven - no wait . . . was that six or seven.

whatever would keep trying until the only option was to download them all into a distant memory. both knew one day there would be over ten thousand saved messages and the system would crash. sometimes had cataloged all the saved messages, some of the messages p. had submitted just to get a daily quota in.

in the coherent range whatever started to think about the toilet that seemed to back up every time whatever would vomit, which seemed similar to the streets and the mass transit devices, which were similar to the phones whose circuits were always incapacitated, similar to p.s stomach after 15 cups of coffee. there seemed to be a measurable coexistent process in all these systems, a continual seeking of another solution other than the designated activities.
. . .

an email arrived at my door step, producing a series of similar processes, each measured in the respond that was pervious...

check out: The Fictions of Deleuze and Guattari: A Fictional Poetic Biography, by Clifford Duffy.

Father cried Mother cried baby cried Eurydice cried Orpheus cried "Adam" spoke "Eve" woke the angel flew at last finally made of flesh Now somewhere near where they lived he (Orpheus) came to meet them now that summer haunted the veins of her body. Which had captured long in that space made room for giving birth after death.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

almost complete: Brent Bechtel, Catherine Daly,
kari edwards, Stephen Ellis, Jim McCrary,
Chris Murray, Layne Russell (soon), and
Steve Tills

S.F. to Sue State Over Gay Marriage Ban

From Space, a New View of Doomsday

Either the universe would collapse under its own weight one day, in a fiery "big crunch," or the galaxies, now flying outward from each other, would go on coasting outward forever, forever slowing, but never stopping while the cosmos grew darker and darker, colder and colder, as the stars gradually burned out like tired bulbs.
Now there is the Big Rip.

DRUNKEN BOAT, online journal of the arts, announces the publication of its SIXTH ISSUE:

POEMS by Andrea Baker, Brian Kim Stefans, Mark Bibbins, Lyn Lifshin, Kevin Cantwell, Aaron McCollough, Stephen Cushman, Jessy Randall, Benjamin Gantcher, David Starkey, Sarah Gridley and Lina ramona Vitkauskas,

PROSE by David Barringer, Alyce Lomax, kari edwards, Marc Pietrzykowski, Thomas Fink and Felicia Sullivan, VIDEO by David Ambrose, Lila Yomtoob, Nick Fox-Gieg and Mark O'Connell

PHOTOS by Nicholas Lawrus, Eddy Seesing, Hoag Holmgren, and Daniel Simmons,

SOUND by Jim Andrews, Geoffrey Datson, Latasha Natasha Diggs, and Cary Peppermint

CYBERTEXT by Wolf Kahlen, Tony Rickaby, Robert Kendall, Dorothee Lang, Lisa Bloomfield and Rod Val Moore,

WEB ART by Larry Carlson, Yucef Merhi, Alan Berliner, and Philip Wood, and

FEATURING Norman Mailer interviewed by Barry Leeds.

Please direct any queries or submissions

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
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PROVIDENCE - A Democratic state senator from Providence. . .
*This is simply a matter of granting equal rights for every person in Rhode Island,*said Rhode E. Perry*In a society where we talk about respect and non-discrimination, it's hypocritical to have laws that specifically exclude someone from having the right to marry the person of their choice because of their sexual orientation.*

Mayor Daley said Wednesday he would have "no problem" with County Clerk David Orr issuing marriage licenses to gay couples -- and Orr said he's open to a San Francisco-style protest if a consensus can be built.

This is what intolerance does… you just got to love amerika for continuing its history of separate but equal….
Father encourages students to maul 'gay' son at Dunoon Tech - Police also stoned in school riot

a wonderful examination of the question and language around marriage, gay marriage and same sex/gender marriage.

What's in a Word?
By George Lakoff

What's in a word? Plenty, if the word is "marriage."

chris @ chris murray's tex files, who / which seems to be on 24 hours a day.. takes the joke Barney Frank one step further.. thank you chris...
check it out..

Mirror, Mirror, Yadda Blah: Who's the REALest of Us All?

Vote to Impeach Bush!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Rep. Barney Frank, claims to be for *gay people,* but Barney Frank is nothing but a politician that has been in office to long, kowtowing to the powers that be. When the national hate crimes bill was being debated, Barney Frank was against adding Trans folks, because this Rep. only care about certain people. Now, instead of calling for this country to stop this two tied system of separate but equal, this gnarly political hack has taken the same stance as the log cabin republicans.. Barney Frank needs to be booted out of office..

Barney Frank criticizes S.F. weddings
Christopher Curtis, / Network

Openly gay Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., spoke out against letting same-sex couples get married in San Francisco, saying the practice could hurt efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in his home state

Prosecutor at Center of Controversy
in Terror Case Sues Ashcroft

    WASHINGTON (AP)A federal prosecutor in a major terrorism case in Detroit has taken the rare step of suing Attorney General John Ashcroft, alleging the Justice Department interfered with the case, compromised a confidential informant and exaggerated results in the war on terrorism.

from: obedience

there as mental facts
as potent physical fact
factors to the power of zero
or to ten
to the power of infinity
actual happenings
before the surface
before a drop of water
before taste buds yearn for an actual possible
served chilled and or a photograph
neither accident or incident
nor the three zones of a dogs life
without Providence or target
rising with the sun
caught in non-newtonian motion
without concern for respectable people
thinking they create
respectable silk worm thread
and or an asterisk on a stick
or the power of zero to ten to the power of infinity

now at times there seems to be a point
a starting point
a theory of law
bodies of resistance
or a miraculous wonder striptease compromise

-this is your base (a square hole)
-this is your weapon (a condition)
-therefore I am a, fill-in-the-blank (perception)

which is nothing more then masturbation time
past memory and blood soaked sheets
past remastered density

no, that’s not it . . .
we've all been retouched by digital diagnosis
so then it’s, remastered dentistry in multiple dimensions

remember, safety first
metaphysical innocence later
neither will happen
neither is the question
remember . . . . . . .
there is always a canvas of sunshine somewhere

like, dear daffodil why not sneeze Rrose tel aviv
which mean as an ocean, because a hurricane like books
as they say;
*we’re putting metonymy back in the canned corn beef*
a definition later, you say;
lookout for the minutes
a minute later
we are a minute late in the doppelganger of necessity
in the geometry of heaven
or in the onomatopoeia of novocaine

the minutes trade-up to beans en route to code
a minute after that friendship happens
in a background of yesterday’s teeth;
that is if the condition is a quality

that is, after a night’s talk
after the evenings after dinner
after the symbioses liberation army
after the weather underground (the movie)
after the after effect
in the effect of the title oblique
opposite -
how much can you will to power
and not, and fail

nothing moves
it’s a universal usual
a bait and switch heart
fascination of a five year old
a five year plan
all dressed up and nowhere to glow

and without notice
the look that opens backwards
opens gas choking ethnic loyalty
cameo debauchery with large scale memory loss

sometimes there are things like things
that cut matter

sometimes there is qualities in schema
permanence in endless reflection
grace and hesitation
before the beholding
before elation
before a mimic impulse
before and after hopelessness

sometimes there is a recall nothing
a reverse without refrain
a star without an idea

we stand watching
host of the unbearable
eaten alive by dream states of numbness
inconspicuous perceptions
constituted on obscure dust of the world
further towards the sky
someone will hang up a line
you could say
it’s in the water the way salt thickens

the prospect hardly gets better
then a comfort maneuver on loan

I wait, the sun rises
I wait, the sun rises
I wait, the sun rises again

there is another production transfer
to increase consumer’s capacity

I wait, the sun rises
habits begin
scale increases
again there is a sales increase
the noise increases
leaves tremors and or tumors

each and everyone is down to just one promise
a survival kit
and one part of a half of nothing
everyone makes room for everyone's
deep capacity for eternity

A great site for all sorts of news with many many links Daily Headline News - Alternative and Mainstream

Nuances of gay identities reflected in new language
*Homosexual* is passé in a *bois* life

Rona Marech, (SF) Chronicle Staff Writer

The list of terms -- which have hotly contested definitions -- goes on: *FTM* for female to male, *MTF* for male to female, *boydyke,* "trannyboy," "trannyfag," "multigendered," "polygendered," "queerboi," "transboi," "transguy," "transman," "half-dyke," "bi-dyke," "stud," "stem," "trisexual," "omnisexual," and "multisexual."
read more {click here}

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Tickle's Original Inkblot Test

my subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.

SAN FRANCISCO -- In the first of two such hearings, a California judge on Tuesday delayed until at least Friday a ruling on whether to block San Francisco from continuing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

I have this thing for Kenneth Patchen…
Painted and Silkscreened Poems by Kenneth Patchen

Tim Botta’s
Nice Guy Syndrome

on-line texts by or about William S. Burroughs

Noah Eli Gordon has a batch of minireviews at Human Verb:

Kit Robinson’s 9:45 (Post-Apollo, 2003, $10)
Graham Foust’s As in Every Deafness (Flood Editions, 2003, $13)
Stephen Ratcliffe’s Portraits & Repetition ( Post-Apollo, 2002, $14).
Laura Solomon’s Bivouac (Slope Editions, 2002, $12.95)
Li Bloom’s Radish (iUniverse, 2003, $12.95)
Tomaz Salamun’s Poker (Ugly Duckling, 2003, $10)
George Kalamaras’s Borders My Bent Toward (Pavement Saw, 2003, $12)
Eric Baus’ The To Sound (Verse, 2004, $12)
Geoffrey Dyer’s The Dirty Halo of Everything (Krupskaya, 2003, $11)
Eileen R. Tabios’ Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole (Marsh Hawk, 2002, $12.95)
Leslie Scalapino’s It’s go in / quiet illumined grass / land (Post-Apollo, 2002, $12)
Shin Yu Pai’s Equivalence (La Alameda, 2003, $14)
Diane Wald's The Yellow Hotel (Verse, 2002, $12)
Cynthia Sailers's new chapbook, Rose Lungs, Michael Cross's press Atticus / Finch
Check it out {click here}

The comic creator!

all sorts of Psychology tests
from: Disgust (What makes you ), a Memory test, Face perception (Can you guess someone's personality from their face?, to What sex is your brain? -

Other Campus: Fighting for neutral restrooms
(U-WIRE) EVANSTON, Ill. — Gender-neutral bathrooms — devoid of male or female pictograms and open to anyone —





from: obedience

a white noise trembles in the sky - a face in the tides, unblinking and wishing for nothing . . . . . . . . . . . in the next realm of cast iron wishings - a gas station sits under pleides, burns phosphorescent green from here to there; where elephantine cycles cycle though the ages, through the cold and dark, laced with jabber. this is the night’s pale moon, this is hope on a string, a line that dies without passion, a line of star dust, on an oil stain, on an oil stain at a gas station under pleides burning phosphorescent green; reflecting the dark, believing in the moon, believing in Rrose selavy, believing in the walking dead, asleep at the golden dawn, most are triangles in the telephone lines, most get a busy signal, more just hungry, more are blinded by prayer. praying for perfect afterlife, a perfect refrigerator, a perfect more for more - a flicker, more repetitive mannerisms, to shield one from the: stains on the wall and mattress in the streets; where there is no god; no, good god; no, bad god; just stories and holocaust tales, ten million million million myths, enough myths to martyr a martyr. at the next exit, next whistle stop, next in line, which goes something like this, some one is reinventing themselves again, someone is a foundation, invents the micro chip and ruby slippers. someone believes what they believe as solid, they create laws and wear ruby slippers. someone believes sailors should take warning, and others believe in tomorrow . . . . something the day light seeps into the blood stream, as oncoming faces seep into me, most defer, some expand, the tide rises and trembles, I raise and fall. unblinking and wish for nothing; in the next realm; there is hungry ghost fragments, hollow and invisible, elevated redundancy past evidence.

Monday, February 16, 2004


Joseph Lease & Chris Stroffolino

will read at
Small Press Traffic

Friday, Feb. 20

7:30 pm

in Timken Hall

California College of the Arts

1111 Eighth Street (just off the intersection of 16th and Wisconsin)

San Francisco

HeRe Is a shoRt bit I wrote a while back.. found it floating on the virtual free way.. funny how things float to the surface..
what is at task

Are you a Twin? Ae you Transgendered?
PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!Are you a twin?Are you transsexual?
It is now understood that among twins, there are sets in which both have transitioned gender and other sets in which only one has switched. Will you please help us try and find out why the differences?We are looking for twin sets, male or female, identical or fraternal, where one or both have transitioned F2M or M2F. You are needed for a research project to answer a set of questions about your background and your twin's condition and transition. The questionnaire will ask about your development and the circumstances surrounding your and your twin's switch. Some of the questions will be personal but most are neutral. Even if you are the twin that didn't change and your twin the one who did, your answers would be of value. We are trying to find out those features among twins that have or have not led to gender change.The survey will consist of a set of questions we will mail to you and your twin with a return postage paid envelope. Answering the questions will take about one to two hours of time. Twins are welcome from outside the USA as well as within. Everything will be confidential and nothing will be identified with any particular person.When the survey is completed the information gathered will be compiled, analyzed, and distributed to those in transsexual self-help groups and via professional publications, to those in the helping professions. We desire to improve the lives of persons touched by the condition.

If you are willing to help, please get in touch with Dr. Milton Diamond of the University of Hawaii, School of Medicine. By mail: 1951 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, USABy email:
For more information, go to

In the contact please let us know if you are male or female, and if identical or fraternal. We will need the snail mail addresses and cooperation of both you and your twin.

Jami (1414-92)  (Nur al-Din 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad al-Jami)

Hurry to the Source

     Hidden behind the veil of mystery, Beauty is eternally free from the slightest stain of imperfection.  From the atoms of the world, He created a multitude of mirrors; into each one of them He cast the image of His Face; to the awakened eye, anything that appears beautiful is only a reflection of that Face.
    Now that you have seen the reflection, hurry to its Source; in that primordial Light the reflection vanishes completely.  Do not linger far from that primal Source; when the reflection fades, you will be lost in darkness.  The reflection is as transient as the smile of a rose; if you want permanence, turn towards the Source; if you want fidelity, look to the Mine of faithfulness.  Why tear your soul apart over something here one moment and gone the next? 

The new issue of Near South is now available and includes work by:

Michael Anania, Amy Fetzer Larakers, Richard Blevins, Sheila E. Murphy, ANdrew
Lundwall, kari edwards, D.J. Huppatz, Anne Winters, Sean Karns, Jon Roket,
John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Gyorgy Kostritskii, and Clayton Eshleman,

plus a collaborative fiction by the Chicago School of Social Surrealism
(including the energies of Gene Wildman, Wayne Twitchell, Chris Stroffolino,
Sean Starr, Alex Shakar, Sarah Livingston, Sara Heck, HollY Crawford, Mary
Biddinger, Dale Barrigar, Marc Baez, and Michael Antonucci).

Issues are $5 (please make check payable to *Garin Cycholl*) and can be
ordered through: Garin Cycholl; 3617 W. Belle Plaine; Chicago, IL 60618.
Trades with other journals welcome.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

"This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper."
-T. S. Eliot, Hollow Men, The

Check out Stephen Vincent's
special addition to the lining section of The San Francisco Chronicle:
*Spurned birds and hovering words Pigeons and poets thrive in city's fertile soil*