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Friday, February 13, 2004


atticus/finch is pleased to announce the release of its inaugural
chapbook, Cynthia Sailers *Rose Lungs.*

Rose Lungs is printed in an edition of 100 copies with beautifully
letterpressed covers (with the help of Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform
Press), and hereĀ”?s the best part: they're actually affordable! ThatĀ”?s right
folks, each is only FIVE DOLLARS!!

If you are not familiar with Sailers elegant lines, take a look below:

Study From Life, 1889

How little I know of real pain. & yet inflicting the same on her as on
objects themselves. I was longing to be tied up for civilization's sake.
But there I was in the face of John Singer Sargent's girl with buttocks
exposed. She is not to be mocked. Then she says, you bore me. You
and pornography. Misanthrope, your only self-defense is in the
crawlspace. (Faraway) in sea fog I thought better than to procure an
inveterate narcissism. Barthes says, in Japan everything changes.
Puzzling, I was an accident under blue sky yonder. " A supplement to
palpable boredom." Unless it is reached through another field of bliss.
The waters are murky, and when the wreck starts, each piece is a
beautiful lie.

For RUSHED delivery, send five dollars (well concealed cash / check) to:
Michael Cross
atticus/finch chapbooks
SUNY Buffalo
306 Clemens Hall
Buffalo NY 14260


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