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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Metis are arrested for staying in a Hotel because that makes the environment disturbed and indecent. Inbox
sunil pant

An update from Shiba who have been released yesterday!

Sahiba was chased by policemen in Thamel street before she was arrested. She was forced to get into the police van, some of the police also said she would just accompany another Meti arrested earlier and would be fine.

When Sahiba got into the police station many police officers in the duty abused verbally. But later in the morning, yesterday, She was called at the Inspector's room and there were about 7 police officers already sitting around. they all called her bad names (Chakka, Hijra, Pervert..). Then she was asked to take of all the clothes, when she refused to take off her clothes, the police said they would beat her up if she wouldn't take her all the clothes off. So she was forced to take off her clothes. When she again denied to take of inner garments (bra and pantie), Police use their baton and took the inner garments forcefully. Then she was yelled saying Sahiba had penis so why she tried to become a women? They all were laughing at her while checking her different body parts and humiliating her.

Then she was told not to try be women anymore and also told they will cut her hair off before she could be released. (interesting that Sahiba was lucked up inside the women custody though!) She told the police she couldn't become man as she was women all the time, all her life. She was called again to the room later in the afternoon and told her to cut her hair off but she denied and said the police could keep her longer than she give up her gender identity..

So Police finally released her about 5 PM yesterday without cutting her hair off.

Sunil Pant
29th Dec 2005.

PS: We are following the Supari who is still in the Police custody.