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Thursday, February 05, 2004

You are 58% geek
You are a geek. Good for you! Considering the endless complexity of the universe, as well as whatever discipline you happen to be most interested in, you'll never be bored as long as you have a good book store, a net connection, and thousands of dollars worth of expensive equipment. Assuming you're a technical geek, you'll be able to afford it, too. If you're not a technical geek, you're geek enough to mate with a technical geek and thereby get the needed dough. Dating tip: Don't date a geek of the same persuasion as you. You'll constantly try to out-geek the other.

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The 2003 Lambda Literary Award Finalists

Interview with Gil Ott by CAConrad

Gil Ott passed away this morning.

Gym Cancels Membership After Discovering Woman is Transgendered


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Candidates react to Massachusetts ruling
Christopher Curtis, / Network
Wednesday, February 4, 2004 / 04:56 PM

Massachusetts' highest court put political pressure on the presidential candidates -- in addition to the state's lawmakers -- when it reiterated Wednesday that only full marriage rights for same-sex couples would be constitutional in that state.....

.....Massachusetts Senator and Democratic front-runner John Kerry came out against the ruling.

*I believe and have fought for the principle that we should protect the fundamental rights of gay and lesbian couples -- from inheritance to health benefits," he said in a prepared statement. "I believe the right answer is civil unions. I oppose gay marriage and disagree with the Massachusetts court's decision.*read entire article (click here)

It is for this reason, I question Kerry's qualifications to run for office. I am not in support of marriage, who needs it, and I find it repulsive that this country wants to make a two tier system. Will this be another round of legalized segregation for this country?



WORDSMITHS, a spoken-word series showcasing both established and up-and-coming writing talent is curated by Marisa Simon. Winter 2003 Wordsmiths readings take place on the 1st Sunday afternoon and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursday evenings of the month

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p: 718 260-WAXY
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(CNN) -- Massachusetts' highest court reiterated Wednesday that only full marriage rights for gay couples, not civil unions, would be constitutional.

Please Check out Ron Silliman's Blog
and read what Ron has to say about my new book from O Books *iduna* - 2003
and thank you Ron for a thoughtful insightful look at my work.
and more later but first...

From the opening lines of Ron's Blog...

*Wednesday, February 04, 2004  
Q: How does one pronounce the title of kari edwards’ new O Books volume?
A: Iduna.
Sorry about that.*

you are not the first to say not problem, I missed that in coming up with the title, which by the way came from a title of a journal Friedrich Holderlin was going to start, *which was devoted to the - unification and reconciliation of the sciences with life, of art and good taste with genius, of the heart with the head, of the real with ideal.- 1. but, I like Ron's version, *Iduna,(iduan) if one hunts about the net using wild cards & the like, turns out to be a variant name for Idun, the Norse goddess of eternal youth who married Braggi, the god of poetry. Guardian of the golden apples of youth, Idun was once kidnapped by the storm giant Thiazi, only to be rescued by Loki, who changed her into a nut. Yeah, I like Braggi as the god of poetry too.* this works as well for me, since Loki is a cross-dresser from way back or aleast plays with gender, and Braggi transforms into a nut, with all its multiple implications, of nut= madness... and madness is the one theme of a way to push against to commodification of gender and the body....

1.Holderlin, Friedrich. Selected Poems, and Fragments. Pengiun, London, 1998. this quote was take from the indroduction by Michael Hambuger

there is nothing more real then real real

or I wouldn't have come here; driving or flying, unless to add or subtract earned travel miles or accumulate karma credits. anyway you slice it, for a few dollars more, you’re either worse than arriving or you’re waiting at the big transfer corner; coming in before as a different other feeling, like a replicant on repeat.

so, what else is there to do? get a get away car from the other elvis almighty horace greeley cowpoke show; find that displaced dream highlighted in brilliant florescent orange on the map with the big bold arrow pointing to; this is where you will be; impermanent as a nagasaki flash, here today then the rest is just stupid marching orders in the dust, under the dead; neatly trimmed and in a proper place.

true, on occasions, some high-banking glove or metaoffical will scuttle another rhapsody in blue:

-folkz, what we are dealing with is something never seen before . . .

and then after a long greasy spoon pause,

-we might even be talking about one-in-a-million odds . . . but we know they will play it every time. it’s like the old adage - I’ll run a mile for a logo.

so, what else is there to do? flirt with suffocation, brace for a pregnant immobile thought drop, sink a life savings into video russian roulette.

the problem is, my permanent expandable mobile home’s hydraulics are busted and the vinyl expansion is in tatters, letting in radiation particles, constantly ruining my, this is the rest of day and these are my feelings.

so, I decided to move; truthfully I just didn’t like sharing my toilet seat and I wanted my own call button. and even though humans are just duplicate purchasing machines . . . nothing deserves to be a hernia probability reduced to a sentence or less. so, I ask you, wouldn't you pull up the stakes and undo the bolts?

a few head murders later we all look the same in preparation to disembark. I call a stranger’s home in prisoner pronouns, I didn’t get an answer. we are close to before, over tulsa montezuma madison maryville melrosepark, merry-go this way and some of the merry-go that way tra la tra la, montana. someone said, everyone under 5 and those with at least two functioning organs is mad, truly mad. I say lets weave the raw into a regardless dream, turn the faucet to summer, bmw, medusa, and sisyphus.

in reality this are it, the end, or maybe a deep understanding that two good fucks is worth one hundred thousand, one hundred thousand dollars and change. still, the one writing this woke up furious at existence . . . there was nothing to shoot. this was happening just as a thought moment mounted its high horse . . . maybe . . . just maybe . . . there is another way to wake up to this and face the world.

sigh of relief from nowhere

recently seeking got started in the wrong direction?

first, recognizable within the hidden first step in a larger than
reason shoe horn then miracles unseen . . . .

how many types of impossible (as many as something impossible)

someone calls something no longer something home

someone calls recognizable a 45 special . . . . . . . . . recognizable in the barren something striate, or

got started with teeth of miracles new qualitative soft stuff with little echo halos connected to
“twenty overused pronouns” or becomes impossible

recently: shopping found an edge something repeatable

locked into . . . . .

recently: as

one hand was trying to say to the other: I am thinking of time I want to lose

called repeatable . . . . . .


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

FOUCAULT, INFO (all the time)

What Natural Disaster are you? Take the quiz!

School Board asked to protect those with atypical gender identity

Notes on blogging
(of which, I think I break some of the rules)

1. It’s almost impossible to explain what a blog is to someone who’s never seen one. That's the mark of a true innovation.

2. I know very few people over fifty, and scarcely any over sixty, who "get" blogging.

3. Blogs without links aren’t blogs. Blogs without blogrolls aren’t blogs. Blogs without mailboxes aren’t blogs.

4. The blogosphere is a pure market—but one in which no money changes hands. If you can afford the bandwidth and your ego is strong enough, it doesn’t matter whether anybody wants to read what you have to say. But the more you care about how many people are reading your blog, the more your blogging will be shaped by their approval, whether you get paid or not.

5. Politicians and celebrities rarely make good bloggers. They’re not interested enough in what other people are thinking.

6. Blogging puts professionals and amateurs on an even footing. That’s why so many professional writers dislike and distrust it.

7. The whole point of a blog is that its author controls its content. That’s why no major newspaper will ever be successful at running in-house blogs: the editors won’t allow it. The smart ones will encourage their best writers to blog on their own time—and at their own risk. The dumb ones will refuse to let any of their writers blog, on or off the job.

8. For now, blogs presuppose the existence of the print media. That will probably always be the case—but over time, the print media will become increasingly less important to the blogosphere.

9. Within a decade, blogs will replace op-ed pages.

10. Blogs will be to the 21st century what little magazines were to the 20th century. Their influence will be disproportionate to their circulation.

11. Blogs are what online magazines were supposed to be.

12. Art blogging will never be as popular as war blogging. More people care about politics than the arts.

13. Blogging is inherently undemocratic in one important way: it privileges literacy. Like e-mail, it is dividing the world into two unequal classes: people who feel comfortable expressing themselves through the written word and people who don’t.

14. If you want to be noticed, you have to blog every day.

15. An impersonal blog is a contradiction in terms.

What am I missing:
Blair named for peace prize

A Norwegian politician has proposed the Prime Minister and George W Bush for a joint award in recognition of their achievement in ensuring the overthrow of Saddam Hussein

check out BuzzFlash
for all the news...

Karzai Says Civilians Died in U.S. Attack


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - The Afghan president on Saturday said a U.S. air strike this month killed 10 civilians, including women and children, contradicting American military reports that claimed the casualties were Taliban militants.

Monday, February 02, 2004


to wonder
in serpentine layers
plain as wallpaper

formal madness
bound in string
battered and baited

pulls winter
from station
static and distant

there hallmarks
something flat
confectionerys teeth of hunger

not much is said
waits on a new formal
an encore collapses

waits on a crowd the circle, etc.
later followed by the weather
sepia tones and vacancy


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