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Monday, March 15, 2004

They're So Close They Can Almost Taste It
by Becky Burgwin
Who are they, and what can they taste? Well, here's the short list. John Ashcroft, Tom Delay, Dick Cheney, Rick Santorum, Antonin Scalia, George W. Bush, Pat Robertson, Don Rumsfeld and they taste blood. Why? Because they are just inches away from accomplishing their objective...the take over of our country by their radical, extremist, right wing, Christian agenda. What will they do when they have accomplished that? Take over the world. Think I'm kidding?


Pennsylvania avoiding gay debate, but not for long
Knight Ridder Newspapers
PHILADELPHIA - (KRT) - The Pennsylvania House avoided a potentially divisive debate on gay marriage yesterday, but the issue ricocheting through the nation won't be skipping the Keystone State for long. State Rep. Jerry Birmelin, R-Wayne, withdrew a bundle of amendments that would have banned recognition of any "spousal equivalent" relationships from any state, limited gay couples from adopting and barred state employees from receiving domestic-partner benefits.


Gay Marriage Supporters Condemn Ulster County Arrests
3/15/2004 11:00 PM
(WROC-TV) -For the first time ever, two ministers were criminally charged with performing same-sex marriages. The Ulster County ministers belonged to the Universalist church. The Ulster County district attorney also charged the mayor with illegally issuing marriages licenses to gay couples.


Marriage Rally in Cleveland March 26

Same-sex marriage activists in Cleveland are organizing a marriage action and rally. The peaceful event will include same-sex couples applying for marriage licenses and a support rally. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, March 26, at 3 p.m at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. The Lesbian/Gay Community Service Center of Greater Cleveland is looking for same-sex couples who are willing to apply for a marriage license. Contact Maura Haas, development coordinator for the center at (216 ) 651-5428, or go to


Gay marriage: a right or a lifestyle?


Love is a common bond - Whether partners, longtime companions or recently marrieds, gay couples share emotional ties as a family unit


1,138 reasons for same-sex marriage
By Robin Topping
March 15, 2004, 8:54 PM EST
There are 1,138 practical reasons that same-sex couples may want to be recognized as married in the eyes of the law. That's the number of legal protections and benefits the federal government makes available to people who are "husband" and "wife" or a "spouse," according to a federal study. Those benefits -- ranging from Social Security and veteran's payments to housing and health care -- are out of reach for gay and lesbian couples.


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