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Monday, March 15, 2004

Oregon Gay Weddings Resume After 'Time Out'
by Newscenter Staff
(Portland, Oregon)  Same-sex weddings in Portland resumed Monday afternoon, after Multnomah county officials called a 'time out' this morning to consider a legal opinion from the state Attorney General. The Multnomah County marriage office was closed as commissioners met with attorneys to go over the non binding opinion by Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers. Meyers said that state law preventing same-sex marriage likely violates the state constitution.  But, he called on the country to stop issuing the licenses until the issue can be decided in court.


Two ministers charged with marrying N.Y. gay couples
KINGSTON, N.Y. — Two Unitarian Universalist ministers were charged Monday for marrying 13 same-sex couples, thrusting the clergy into the legal battle over gay marriage in New York.
The charges against Kay Greenleaf and Dawn Sangrey may be the first brought against clergy for performing same-sex unions, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D.C.-based gay and lesbian rights group.


No Wedding Bells in WeHo
West Hollywood struggles to keep up with San Francisco
by Christopher Lisotta

For gay and lesbian couples who have been waiting forever for the right to legally marry, the video clips of happy queer newlyweds bounding out of San Francisco City Hall with marriage licenses have been quite a sight. If San Francisco can do it, many Southern California gays and lesbians ask, why isn’t the city of West Hollywood (with a gay mayor and a gay majority on its City Council) lining up couples on Santa Monica Boulevard for nuptials?


Gay marriage ban vote shames the state Senate
The state Senate last week put itself firmly on the side of bigotry and intolerance when it passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.
The 20-13 Senate vote echoes an earlier Assembly vote and will now go back to both houses of the Legislature for a second vote before it can be put on a statewide referendum that would change Wisconsin's Constitution.


Gay Couple Denied Marriage License In Bucks County
State House Expected To Debate Gay-Marriage Laws
UPDATED: 2:20 pm EST March 15, 2004
Two gay men from New Hope, Pa., were rejected when they applied for a marriage license Monday in Bucks County. The men appeared at the Bucks County courthouse in Doylestown, Pa., Monday morning, but were told by the Register of Wills, Barbara Riley, they couldn't have a marriage license, and would need to file a legal challenge.


Court rejects appeal in Martinez slaying
By Charles Ashby
Journal Denver Bureau Chief
DENVER - The Farmington man convicted of murdering a transgendered Cortez teen will have to serve out his 40-year sentence, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.
A three-judge panel of the court unanimously ruled that because Shaun D. Murphy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of Fred C. Martinez in 2001 as part of a plea agreement, he cannot appeal his sentence.


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