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Monday, March 15, 2004

Gay Marriage And Immigration
by Cyrus D. Mehta
Since the ruling by Massachusetts’ highest court that gays have a right to marry, thousands of same-sex couples have been wed by rebellious mayors in cities and towns across the US.
At present, gay people are deprived of equal immigration rights. In a same-sex relationship, the US citizen partner cannot confer immigration benefits on the noncitizen partner even though they may have been validly married in a foreign country that has legalized same-sex marriages.


Suit Filed to Stop Asbury Park Gay Weddings
(Freehold, NJ) A law firm founded by the Reverend Pat Robertson wants to block Asbury Park from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
The city became the first in the state to issue same-sex licenses last week. Days later, the City Council voted to stop after the state's attorney general threatened prosecution. The council said it would file a lawsuit seeking a court ruling in support of same-sex vows.


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