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Monday, March 15, 2004

Benefits for Domestic Partners Affect Many

Is gay the new black?
By c.e. adams
Is permitting gay marriage such a threat to American society that it needs a constitutional restriction? Or have gays just replaced blacks as the minority community that is openly discriminated against?


Newsom to Bush: “Keep your hands off the Constitution”
Interview by Jeremy Quittner
Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco who single-handedly began the current nationwide wave of same-sex marriages, has a few words for President Bush—including “cowardly” and “shameful.” In this exclusive interview, Newsom talks about his motives, his heroes, and how history will see things.


Paper removes reporter, photographer from gay marriage story
Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO -The San Francisco Chronicle removed its lead City Hall reporter and photographer from covering the city's same-sex marriage controversy after the longtime lesbian partners were wed last week.


Senate passes resolution to define marriage in state constitution
Associated Press
JACKSON, Miss. - The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages.


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