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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Resolution seeks to define marriage
The Associated Press
JACKSON - The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. The resolution defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman and provides that same-sex marriages in other states would not be legally recognized in Mississippi. Mississippi banned same-sex marriages by law in 1997. The proposed amendment would protect that law from legal challenges,


Hiding hatred behind tradition
by Valerie Sherman
Anyone reading the news lately can readily see that one of the biggest hot-button issues for America right now is same-sex marriage. There are those who want to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples and those who would grant equal rights to all. Those without an opinion seem to be in the minority.
Let's clear the air: I'm a proponent of equal marriage rights for all. Some states advocate "civil unions," but separating that status from marriage is equivalent to segregation.


Steve Gillis Speaks on Marriage Rights for Gays in Boston
By Steve Gillis
Steve Gillis*, President, USWA Local 8751 -
As a trade union president, I am honored to be here tonight participating in this historic struggle for equal rights. And as a union leader, I feel compelled to come out clearly, emphatically and explicitly at the beginning, with no hemmin’ and hawin’, that the struggle for same sex marriage, and to stop this reactionary, bigoted campaign to enshrine discrimination in the state and national constitutions is a working class struggle.


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