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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

this is such a scam...

Republican Lawmakers Seek Change in Proposed Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment


Wedding Bells to Ring at The Abbey, Margaret Cho to Preside, June 1, 2004 -- Mayor Duran to Officiate; Ceremonies Kick-Off National Gay Pride Monthn


Lesbian Couple's Marriage Benefits To Be Revoked
County Says Benefits Granted In Error
SAN DIEGO -- A lesbian couple that was granted marriage benefits by the county of San Diego may become the focal point of a local debate over same-sex marriage, NBC 7/39 reported. Sarah Hubbard and Barbara Herrera (pictured left) applied for the benefits after receiving a marriage license in San Francisco. While the benefits were granted, the county now says it was due to administrative error.


Transsexual(sic) adds gray to gender issue


Kansas, do not let this happen... ..

Senate panel forwards amendment banning same-sex marriages
By John Hanna - Associated Press Writer
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Topeka — Despite what one supporter called "mental gymnastics" over a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution to ban gay marriage, the Senate appears certain to debate the measure. The amendment, which also would prohibit civil unions for same-sex couples, received the Senate Judiciary Committee's endorsement Monday. Before the panel's voice vote, Senate Majority Leader Lana Oleen promised that the entire chamber would take up the proposal.


if you live in RI.. call today... do not let hate prevail..

R.I. Lawmakers To Hear Debate Over Gay Marriage
Senate Judiciary Committee To Consider Opposing Bills
PROVIDENCE -- Separate bills on both sides of the gay marriage debate are getting a hearing in the Senate, prompted partly by a high court ruling in neighboring Massachusetts that authorizes the same-sex unions in that state


if you live in Connecticut call you representives.. call the govenor.. call your is the time!!!

Lawmakers Would Perform Gay Marriage If They Are Ruled Legal
Published on 3/23/2004
Washington — Connecticut's congressional delegation is in lock step in opposition to an amendment banning gay marriage, and lawmakers said states should be allowed to make their own decisions on civil unions. But Fairfield County Democrat Diane Farrell, who is running for Congress, has taken a more active stance, saying she will perform gay marriages if Connecticut's attorney general deems them legal. Farrell, the first selectman in Westport, is running against Republican Rep. Christopher Shays in the 4th District. A justice of the peace, she had asked state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for a legal opinion on the issue. Blumenthal has said he would issue the opinion in April. And Farrell told The Advocate of Stamford that she is prepared to perform same-sex weddings if they become legal. 


Anti-gay protest uneventful
Members of an anti-gay church from Kansas brought their message -- "God Hates Fags," according to bright-colored signs they carried -- to Cedar Crest High School this morning.


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