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Monday, March 22, 2004

Senate committee endorses amendment banning gay marriage
Associated Press
TOPEKA, Kan. - A Senate committee Monday endorsed a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions for same-sex couples, even though some members said the measure's adoption would invite action from the courts. The Judiciary Committee's voice vote sent the measure to the Senate, and Majority Leader Lana Oleen, a committee member who expressed concern about the proposed amendment's wording, promised the chamber would debate it. The proposed amendment declares that marriage is the union only between one man and one woman and that no other relationship shall be recognized by the state as entitled to the benefits normally associated with marriage.
The House has adopted the proposed amendment, and if the Senate adopts it by a two-thirds majority, the measure will go on the Nov. 2 general election ballot.

Gay Marriage Supporters Rally Downtown
POSTED: 11:22 am EST March 22, 2004
INDIANAPOLIS -- A delegation of gay couples and supporters demonstrated outside the City-County Building in downtown Indianapolis Monday.Organizers said the event was scheduled to put a face on the gay marriage issue,


I love the use of the word standard - so so related to commerce...

Group to fight gay unions
9 state lawmakers wantbto have a say in court case
Toby Coleman
Monday March 22, 2004
At least nine state lawmakers will respond to a lawsuit seeking gay marriage by asking the state Supreme Court to let them defend the state's ban on homosexual unions, according to the West Virginia Family Foundation. The group includes six Republicans and three Democrats, including Delegate Ann Calvert, R-Kanawha, Delegate Mike Hall, R-Putnam, and Sen. Lisa Smith, R-Putnam. "We're just defending marriage as between a man and a woman, that's all," Calvert said. "That's been a standard of civilization."


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