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Monday, March 22, 2004

Gay marriage debate returning to Georgia House
The Associated Press - ATLANTA

A proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in Georgia will be considered again by the House, possibly as soon as this week.


100 Gay Couples Plan To Apply For Marriage License
Court Says State Law Prohibits Them From Issuing License
UPDATED: 1:53 PM EST March 22, 2004
CLEVELAND -- Ohio has banned gay marriage but that won't stop same-sex couples from applying for marriage licenses in Cleveland. A projected 100 gay couples are planning to apply for the licenses Friday at Cuyahoga County Probate Court. The Lesbian Gay Community Center of Greater Cleveland is organizing the event which also will include a rally.


Senate Committee Endorses Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage
Some Say Measure Will Invite Court Action
POSTED: 10:45 am CST March 22, 2004
TOPEKA, Kan. -- A Senate committee Monday endorsed a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions for same-sex couples, even though some members said the measure's adoption would invite action from the courts.


Gainesville gay and lesbian residents rally at courthouse
Protestors rallied outside the Alachua County Courthouse a few hours ago declaring gays and lesbians are being treated unfairly because they can't get married. As part of a nationwide rally local gay and lesbian couples attempted to get married in the courthouse but were denied. Outside a handful of protestors carried signs that read, "Tradition does not justify discrimination" and "Separate is Not Equal". Protestor Helen James hopes to educate the rest of the community about the unfairness that exists because gays can't get married.


Senate puts off showdown vote on gay marriage ban
Publishing date: 03-22-2004 12:03 PM
(St. Paul-AP) -- The showdown Senate vote over a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in Minnesota will have to wait. The DFL-controlled Minnesota Senate voted along party lines against pulling the bill out of a committee and being put to an immediate floor vote. The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear the bill on Friday.


you go girl!! just incase you did not get it the first time around

Sandy Gast, a man who lives as a woman and intends to be surgically changed to a woman, wanted to marry George ``Georgi'' Somers, a man who also is living as a woman. They planned a church wedding Saturday in Topeka.


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