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Thursday, March 18, 2004

House Panel Puts Off Vote On Gay Marriage, Civil Unions
by Lance Frizzell, House Republican Press Secretary
posted March 18, 2004
NASHVILLE - A bill to prevent Tennessee from legally recognizing same-sex civil unions was deferred one week after a House subcommittee refused to take a vote during a hearing on Wednesday. The Democrat-controlled House Domestic Relations subcommittee did not employ parliamentary procedure or normal House rules by ignoring a Republican motion to take a roll call vote, but instead rolled the bill to next week.

UD students demonstrate for gay marriage
3:19 p.m., March 18, 2004--Gay and straight couples demonstrating in support of gay marriage were symbolically joined in matrimony on the patio of the University of Delaware’s Trabant University Center on Monday, attracting approximately 500 people.


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