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Thursday, March 18, 2004

I just received this today from Julie Dill:


I went to your reading in Saint Louis a few months ago. My best friend read with you, Jarek (Jay) Steele. As you probably know, Lynne Cheney (Dick Cheney's wife) wrote a paperback bodice-ripper novel with lots of lesbian love scenes in it, but it's out of print and mysteriously all the copies are bought up. Jay just sent me this e-mail and he thought you'd love to hear about it. Jay's partner, Kris, has word that Penguin is re-releasing the book.

Jay says:

"We just had an impromptu meeting here at ye olde bookstore. I am now making a 'special' offer on our website. We are going to sell the book on our website (Left-Bank Books in Saint Louis) and donate all profits to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change conference, which is coming here in November. Kris is emailing Sue Hyde right now to get them to affiliate with us and sell it on their website too."

He doesn't have the link up just yet, but he's going to have it up by the end of the day.

Sorry for bugging you without an invitation, but I read your blog every day and I thought you might not mind. You reach so many people with your news everyday. Now, if I can just get word out to Margaret Cho...


~Julie Dill


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