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Thursday, March 18, 2004

amerika...the land that once was, never.

today someone can get fired for being gay as a federal employe and it is legal . . . and yet there is no up roar . . . today civic leaders, local and state governments can pass antigay laws, and use hate speech for getting votes; others simply pass ordinances kicking out gays from there community . . . and we all get bored with the whole thing and turn the station . . . today hate crimes are on the rise against gays, from 2002 - 2003 up 12% (today even higher) . . . and it is already way to boring, who cares about numbers . . . as the censor edits the news of anything too gay or those who disagrees with the father land from the newspapers and television . . . its in the courts, right, who cares? nothing flashy going on . . . today we have a president speaking of passing an amendment to bar equal rights . . . and we get distracted by the vast amount of violence and lies on the other screen, perpetrated by the same individual . . . today there is a homosexual agenda, but not a christian agenda . . . today there is a gay agenda, but not a heterosexual agenda . . . today in some neighborhood, some child, is going be beat-up because they are seen as gay . . . today, someone will not get a job because they are seen as different . . . today is just another day in amerika where someone's deeply hidden homophobia goes either unchecked as they stand there and watch as someone gets beat up for being gay or, does nothing as laws are passed left and right . . . or they let it all out, be an individual as we are are all taught to be, and will spew out their violence and hate speech on anther someone who may or many not be like them.

its time amerika.. either to take a stand today and do something, take some action, or be destine to repeat the past...


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