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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Local rally planned in support of gay rights

Local supporters of gay rights to rally for recognition of marriage.
By Brian Baer
Date published: 3/18/2004
The national spotlight on gay marriage may shine on Fredericksburg next week. Dozens of supporters of gay rights—including at least some gay couples who will apply for marriage licenses—are expected for what's being described as a "peaceful civil action."

The five 13th District congressional candidates have come out against a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. They don't exactly support gay marriage, but fell (like the public) somewhere in the compromising middle.


Gay couples to seek marriage here in protest against state law

Nine gay couples will apply for marriage licenses Friday at the Orange County Courthouse, according to the Rev. Marni Harmony, of the First Unitarian Church of Orlando. "This is our faith-based initiative," said Harmony.All of the couples expect to be turned down, Harmony said, consistent with Florida state law, which bans state-sanctioned gay marriage and domestic partnerships.


Gay couples to seek marriage here in protest against state law


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