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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

From Susan Andersen
Sent to Bob Graham, Bill Nelson and Tom Feeney of Florida:

My husband and I have been happily married for 18 years. We have a large
family, and in every way, we are enjoying the blessings of living and loving
in this beautiful country. I only wish that our friends, family members and
neighbors who are gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgendered could enjoy the
same legal, economic and social recognition for their committed, loving
family relationships that my husband and I have had all these years.
America will not be fully free until each and every member is afforded the
same respect, opportunity and acceptance as every other. Please do not
support any legislation to ban Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual
marriage. Further, I encourage you to take the lead in urging your
colleagues in Florida state government to extend marriage and adoption
rights to Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual persons. The
institutions of marriage and family are sacred, and can only be made
stronger through the loving example of our GLBT brothers and sisters who are
willing to make their commitment in spite of the social backlash of
criticism and prejudice. I urge you to support the rights of all Americans
in this matter.

Susan Andersen


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