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Monday, October 18, 2004

Insurance coverage sought for sex change
News Staff Reporter

Camille Hopkins made local history two years ago by becoming the first city employee to openly transition from male to female in the workplace.

Now, the former Gregory Hopkins wants the city to pay for an insurance rider that would cover some or all of the cost of a sex-change operation.

Hopkins plans to travel to Montreal in April for the $14,000 surgery.

"I consider this a medically necessary procedure, as do my doctors," Hopkins said. "It's correcting a birth defect."


Blasphemy laws set to be repealed

Britain's ancient blasphemy laws could be repealed when plans for a new offence of incitement to religious hatred are brought forward.

The home secretary is considering the move to see off fears the new law would curtail the freedom to criticise and satirise religions.

There is good case for removing laws on blasphemy, David Blunkett has said.

The changes were being considered in the "wider context" of the incitement law, a home office spokesman added.


Rally Decries Military Policy
Dershowitz calls for law professors to file suit against Pentagon
Crimson Staff Writer

Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz, speaking at a protest organized by student gay rights activists Friday afternoon, called on his colleagues to file a lawsuit against the Pentagon to block military recruiters from forcing their way onto Harvard’s campus.

Just steps away from Langdell Library, where the rally took place, military recruiters wrapped up three weeks of interviews with Harvard Law School students at Griswold Hall.

For years, Harvard restricted Pentagon access because the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays violated the Law School’s nondiscrimination rules.


Queer Student Leaders Meet To Plan Upcoming Conference
By Lauren Melnick
Columbia Daily Spectator

Student leaders and delegates from Columbia University and NYU met with representatives from several schools in the tri-state area on Saturday for a planning session to discuss the upcoming College

Queer Leadership Conference at Rutgers. Saturday"s event, co-sponsored by Columbia and NYU, took place in the Kimmel Center"s Rosenthal Pavilion, NYU"s student center


Anti-gay policies hurt blacks more
By Deb Price / The Detroit News

Sweet little Noah may be only two weeks old and barely tipping the scale at 7 pounds, but already he has a favorite lullaby. It's about the ark, of course, and lots of animals.

"The house is filled with baby songs and books about Noah," explains giddy new mom Lisa Kebreau, who's easily coaxed into singing a few bars.

Noah's second mom, Mikki Mozelle, says of their infant's name: "Noah is the one God chose to favor over all others in the world. That's what I wanted for my son."

Family, church and hard work are central to the lives of the African-American lesbian couple, who also are raising 14-year-old Alex, a viola player whom Kebreau gave birth to in a previous marriage.


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