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Saturday, October 16, 2004

amrika home to the brave and stupid.. home of the bigot and hate monger, amrika.. you better straight, white, and christian here or you will die...

Gay Student Viciously Attacked By Teen Thugs
by Staff

(Cleburne, Texas)  A gay high school student was beaten so badly by three teens he needed reconstructive face surgery and may have permanent damage.

He still is so frightened for his safety that police will not release his name. 

Police say the 17 year old student had gone to a party being thrown by other teens.  Soon after he arrived, according to the police report,  "one of the three individuals asked [him] if he was gay or bisexual."

When he answered yes, he was struck in the face.  When he fell to the floor the others then beat and kicked him until he was nearly unconscious.


Maryland MD Refuses To Treat AIDS Patients 
by The Associated Press

(Frederick, Maryland) An infectious-disease specialist says he will stop treating HIV-positive and AIDS patients Nov. 30 to limit his exposure to lawsuits and higher malpractice insurance premiums.

Dr. Paul G. Rausch said the closure of his infectious-disease practice will leave just one private physician in Frederick County to care for about 130 HIV-positive patients.

Rausch, a hematologist and oncologist, said he and his colleagues at Oncology Care Consultants will continue seeing cancer and hematology patients.

"I can no longer assume the additional liability of caring for complex and complicated infectious-disease patients," Dr. Rausch wrote in a letter to his patients at the end of September.


Students protest speaker who claims to be a recovering homosexual - by Leigh Frillici

(New Haven-WTNH, Oct. 14, 2004 11:10 PM) _ A controversial speaker sparks protest at Southern Connecticut State University tonight. The Evangelist Stephen Bennett claims to be a recovering homosexual and compares being gay to drug addiction. 

"Anti-Racist-Sexist-Anti-Gay-Right Wing- Bigot- Go Away" chanted many students outside protesting Bennett.


Rally Against Gay Marriage Draws Thousands to Capital

WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 - Tens of thousands of conservative Christians gathered on the Mall here Friday for a demonstration against same-sex marriage that doubled as a rally to turn out conservative Christian voters on Election Day.


Federal court: Bush's recess appointment of antigay judge legal

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that President Bush did not overstep his authority when he appointed William Pryor to the bench while the Senate was on a holiday break. The 11th U.S. circuit court of appeals rejected a challenge by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who argued that the Alabama judge's appointment to the same court was an end-run around the Senate's right to confirm or reject the president's judicial nominees.



 Print  ReprintOctober 15, 2004 -- Mayor Bloomberg yesterday filed suit to block enactment of a law that would force contractors who do business with the city to offer benefits to domestic partners of their employees.

The City Council passed the legislation in May. Bloomberg, who supported the measure during his campaign, later changed his mind, saying he the contracting process should not be used to effect social change.

The mayor vetoed the bill in June and the council overwhelmingly overrode the veto weeks later.

The law would have taken effect on Oct. 26, but city lawyers marched into Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday to block it.


Guerriero attacks Bush and Cheney for "feigning outrage" over discussion of Mary Cheney's sexuality

CNN reports that the head of the gay political group Log Cabin Republicans has come out angrily against the Bush-Cheney campaign for "feigning outrage" over Sen. John Kerry's comments in Wednesday night's presidential debate regarding Mary Cheney's homosexuality while asking that President Bush "stop attacking gay families on the campaign trail." Patrick Guerriero, interviewed on CNN's American Morning Friday, acknowledged that Kerry was "not wise" to bring up Mary Cheney in response to a question during the debate about homosexuality. But Guerriero also pointed out that Republicans "who are expressing outrage at the debate comments really have been outrageous themselves."


British Intelligence
Sing If You're Glad to Be "A"

This whole gay or straight thing is getting a little boring, don’t you think? Being straight has always been boring. And being gay went through all sorts of changes – naughty, cool, the lipstick lesbian thing, and now, well, it’s kind of everyday and normal. Boring. Then there was that metro thing – but it wasn’t much more than a blip, was it?

But fear not, there’s a new sexuality to get all excited about! The New Scientist, a seriously posh and respected scientific journal, is reporting that people are identifying themselves as "asexual." They even have a society, and wear cool t-shirts proclaiming "it’s not just for amoebas!" –and we all know that if it’s on a t-shirt, it just has to be for real.


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