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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Church conference backs same-sex marriage

SUFFIELD, Conn. -- The United Church of Christ's Connecticut Conference has backed marriage for same-sex couples, but local churches will now decide whether to follow the policy.

At a two-day annual meeting in Suffield on Saturday, 390 delegates approved a resolution supporting same-sex marriage, said Mark Dost, a delegate from the First Congregational Church of Watertown.


Georgia Gay Rights Supporters Get Hope From Other States

(AP) - Gay rights supporters in Georgia may NOT be able to defeat a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages at the ballot box, but they have new reason to believe they may prevail in the courtroom.

The state's voters will consider the constitutional amendment on gay marriages November 2, unless the state's highest court agrees to block the ballot question on the grounds it illegally
contains more than one subject matter.


Musgrave Claims Gay Vendetta
by Robert Weller, Associated Press

(Fort Collins, Colorado) Saying she has a "bull's eye" on her back, Colorado GOP Rep. Marilyn Musgrave has sent an emergency mass e-mail begging conservatives nationwide for money to help her combat the "radical homosexual agenda" that is trying to oust her from office. 

Musgrave, whose campaign against Democrat Stan Matsunaka has featured a series of colorful ads, said she has been declared public enemy No. 1 because she introduced the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. The measure recently stalled in Congress.


North Dakota Absentee Ballots Promote Gay Marriage 
by The Associated Press

(Fargo, North Dakota) A mistake on some absentee ballots shouldn't affect the vote tally for a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, officials said.

The erroneous wording said that both "yes" and "no" votes would mean a voter was approving the gay marriage amendment. But the mistake will not affect the vote, Cass County Auditor Mike Montplaisir said.


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