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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Rally sparks local gay marriage debate
By Kari Allen Daily Herald Staff Writer

Though one side had a microphone and the other didn't, two opposing groups that gathered at Elmhurst's Wilder Park Saturday got their message across.

The "United We Stand-Defending Marriage" bus tour stopped in Elmhurst. Speakers on this side - including Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes - spoke against gay marriages, saying they believe the only true marriage is one between a man and woman.

As they spoke to about 60 listeners, though, a group of more than 100 people - including local students - gathered on the opposite end of the park holding signs in silent protest of the rally. More than a dozen people chanted opposition on the outskirts of the "United We Stand" rally.


Gays See Hope Even In Impending Defeat
by Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press

(Atlanta Georgia) Gay rights supporters in Georgia may not be able to defeat a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages at the ballot box, but they have new reason to believe they may prevail in the courtroom.

The state's voters will consider the constitutional amendment on gay marriages Nov. 2, unless the state's highest court agrees to block the ballot question on the grounds it illegally contains more than one subject matter.

The prospect of court intervention, either before or after the vote, is quite real. In Louisiana last month, a similar gay marriage amendment won with 78 percent of the vote. However, a Louisiana state judge quickly threw out the amendment for the same subject matter complaint lodged here in Georgia.


Gay bishop's fate turns on report
By Kevin Eckstrom
Religion News Service

WASHINGTON — The openly gay bishop whose consecration threatens to split the Anglican Communion said he is not anxious about a report due Monday that will likely raise pressure on him to resign.

Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire said the Episcopal Church and his diocese will survive whatever recommendations come from a panel headed by Irish Archbishop Robin Eames. "I'm actually very much looking forward to it," he said.

The commission was asked to make recommendations for how the Anglican Communion — which counts the Episcopal Church as its U.S. branch — can continue to live together after conservatives promised a "realignment" over Robinson's election last year.


Mary's Silence On Lesbian Squabble
by Paul Johnson Washington Bureau Chief

(Washington) has learned that the GOP outrage over Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's remarks about Mary Cheney may have been orchestrated by Mary herself.

Sources close to the Bush-Cheney campaign tell that the idea came up in a telephone call between Mary and her parents immediately after the presidential debate Wednesday night.

The younger Cheney, who serves as a backroom advisor to her father, suggested that she would continue to be a "issue" for Democrats unless something was done to stop it immediately. 

Mary Cheney's sexuality has never been a secret.  Prior to joining her father's 2000 campaign she  worked as a gay and lesbian outreach coordinator for Coors Brewing Co. In 2000 she served in much the same function on her father's campaign.


Coming Out Week: Greeks Create Queer Alliance
Contributing Writer

When a flier advertising the Greek Queer Straight Alliance was dropped off at his fraternity, junior J.P. Avila saw an all-too-common display of homophobia.

“One of my brothers said, ‘This faggot dropped off this flier,’ read it and dropped it on the ground,” Avila says.

For some members of the queer community who are also involved in Greek life, their sexual orientation can carry a stigma.


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