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Monday, October 11, 2004

here in the us of a ... there's a national holiday of the cult that worships martyrdom, birth and death.. and in of itself I suppose it is not all that bad, except this practice is soaked in blood, mass slaughter, bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, and genocide...

here in the us of a . . . there are no national holidays for a woman...

here in the us of a . . . there's a holiday for war heros

here in the us of a . . . there is a holiday for independence, but it should be noted there was a strong bourgeoisie component to the revolution that has been romanticized into a peoples war, which would later have echos in the us of a's dealings or non-dealings with the slavery issues, that turned into jim crow, that on some level still goes on... which is all to ionic, since there is a holiday for labor, that has turned into a mass venture of the commodity with mega-sales and super saver travel, all benefiting bourgeoisie...

here in the us of a . . . there is one black man who is celebrated with a national holiday, who was murdered, assassinated, and the now residing vice president who voted against this holiday of a leader who advocated peaceful change, is running for a second turn, who was head of one of the largest companies in the us of a, do I smell bourgeoisie again

here in the us of a . . . a land conquered by force, by a christian, who started a genocide barley mentioned in the history books, who traded in slaves; in a land that was sacred now filled with highways and landfills, there is not one holiday for those whose land it is /was, instead there is a holiday for the conquerer, the war hero, another bourgeoisie marketer


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