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Sunday, October 10, 2004

The (Toledo) Blade urges rejecting gay marriage ban
Associated Press

TOLEDO, Ohio - The Blade on Sunday recommended that voters turn down a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, saying the proposal goes too far.

"Proponents of Issue 1 want voters to think the proposed constitutional amendment would just write in stone what state law already stipulates about marriage being strictly between a man and a women. Not so," the newspaper said in an editorial.

"If approved, the amendment would deprive any unmarried couple in Ohio - gay or straight - of legal privileges they now enjoy."

In addition to banning gay marriage, Issue 1 seeks to bar any type of civil unions or legal privileges similar to marriage to any unmarried couple. The state already has a law banning gay marriage.


Gay-Straight Alliance students struggle for respect
By Tatiana Zarnowski

In this room, teens can be sure of at least one thing:

No one will refer to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender students with the slurs they hear elsewhere.

Instead, they laugh, talk, hug and console each other. They vent about other students' intolerance and plan how they will make things better at their school.

It's a Gay-Straight Alliance meeting


Australian Gays Fear Massive Swing To Right Following Election
by Peter Hacker Newscenter
Sydney, Australia Bureau

(Sydney, Australia)  Australian Prime Minister John Howard has coasted to an unprecedented fourth term on a conservative platform that has many members of the LGBT community concerned will result in the roll back of gay rights.

Howard's coalition will control both houses of Parliament signaling alarm from activists like Rodney Croome.

Prior to the election Howard's government passed legislation tightening restrictions that prevent same-sex couples from marrying.

"The recent same sex marriage ban was a walk in the park compared to what's in store", Croome said Sunday.


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