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Friday, October 15, 2004

Do You Condemn Gays Because the Bible Tells You So?
by Lee Salisbury

As a former Bible-believing pastor, I've seen religion used to give hope for many mysteries of life and death. But, religion is also used by self-appointed biblical literalists as a tool to manipulate and impose their values and their rules of right and wrong, good and evil on one and all with virulent intolerance for competing views. Their apocalyptic declarations are enveloped in threats of destruction, hell and damnation. No subject attracts more distorted, bellicose commentary from the Jerry Falwell type biblical literalists among us than homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  

Biblical literalists state that their condemnation of homosexuality is based on an infallible, inerrant Bible. They claim, "the Bible is true because the Bible says so." This is the ultimate example of the "bare assertion" logical fallacy. This fallacy says "it's true because I said so" or in the case of the Bible "it's true because God said so." If a car salesman told you "this car is the world's best car," you might ask "what's the evidence?" If he answered, "the manufacturer's brochure says so," we'd leave thinking how valid is such biased evidence? This salesman is a con-artist. Yet, if a preacher uses this tactic, people think, "oh, oh, he's a man of the cloth, he must be right."


Civil Partnership Bill gathering momentum
By Gareth Vorster

The government has received the backing from MPs' for its Civil Partnership Bill, with junior Scottish minister, Anne McGuire announcing late on Tuesday that same-sex couple’s in future will be able to benefit from deceased partners' public service pensions.

The Bill was approved by MPs at its second reading, by 426 votes to 49 and will go to committee stage for consideration.


Anti-amendment coalition falling short in fund-raising
Gay marriage foes using religion to bolster support for constitutional ban

Georgians Against Discrimination has raised less than $77,000 to finance its campaign to defeat Amendment 1 on the Nov. 2 ballot, well short of the amount organizers said would be needed to sink the proposed gay marriage ban.

According to its Oct. 6 campaign disclosure report filed with the Secretary of State, Georgians Against Discrimination received $67,957 in contributions since July, bringing the total amount raised by the coalition since its inception in June to $76,932.

With less than three weeks remaining before voters decide whether to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage, the coalition has $48,194 remaining in its campaign war chest


Model boss fights to sue airline over gay kiss
 By Karyn Maughan

A city model boss claims he suffered homophobic discrimination from two British Airways cabin crew when he kissed his gay partner on a flight to London - but he may not be given the right to sue.

Neal Vincent Potgieter, owner of Base Models in Cape Town, wants to sue British Airways for R1.6 million in the Cape High Court, following an altercation that occurred on a September 2000 flight.

Justice Dennis Davis must decide whether Potgieter is legally able to make his claim against British Airways.


GOP officials announce they’re gay
Activist Michael Rogers outs two GOP officials

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two high level officials with the Republican National Committee acknowledged they are gay after becoming the latest GOP targets in an outing campaign by D.C. gay activist Michael Rogers.

Jay Banning, the RNC’s chief financial officer and director of administration, and Daniel Gurley, the RNC’s national field director and deputy political director, each confirmed that they are gay in telephone conversations that Rogers recorded last month and released to the media two weeks ago. Rogers disclosed details of his conversations with Banning and Gurley, including their acknowledgement that they are gay, on his Web site,


UND student group promotes 'no' vote on marriage amendment
Associated Press

A student group at UND that is promoting a "no" vote on a proposed marriage amendment is organizing a campuswide student walkout the day before the Nov. 2 election.

Chris Stoner, a spokesman for the Ten Percent Society, said the group is opposed to the constitutional amendment aimed at banning same-sex marriages and civil unions for gay couples.

"We're hoping that some of the people in classes see people walk out and say 'What's going on?'" Stoner said. "They'll find out about the issue."


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