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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Council hears discussion of rights issue
While Human Rights Commission will talk about their next step at meeting tonight.

The 16–year–old daughter of a homosexual Burlington mother told the City Council Monday she supports a gay rights ordinance because it would protect children like her.

Eva Johnson, daughter of Richard and Patty Johnson, said she wants the city to pass a proposed ordinance that would make sexual orientation a protected class in the city.

"If you put this (ordinance) in there, it will help protect kids of parents who are gay," she said.

Johnson said homosexual parents can lose their job because of their sexual orientation, which would create a precarious situation for children in that household.


Palko and Lipsic taken aback by decision to condone homosexuality

Slovak ministers of interior and justice, Vladimir Palko and Daniel Lipsic respectively, have strongly objected to the European Union's plan to allow mutual recognition of homosexual partnerships on Monday in Brussels. The ministers from the Christian Democratic KDH party described such attempts as "absolutely unacceptable" and expressed "radical disapproval". Interior Minister Palko even described this as an attempt "to misuse the EU for a cultural revolution aimed against the traditional family". Palko and Lipsic were attending a meeting of the EU justice and interior ministers. It was discussing extensive long-term plans for the area of security, justice and interior issues.


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