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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Log Cabin Republicans Defend
Governor Schwarzenegger
California Governor One of the Most Inclusive
 Governors in the Nation

(Washington, DC)—The Log Cabin Republicans defend California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger against the partisan attacks that have been levied against him as a result of a harmless comment made at an event in Ontario, California.  "The attacks from the left claiming that Governor Schwarzenegger is a homophobe are patently outrageous.  There are real issues for the gay and lesbian community, and the Governor has been on the front line of those issues standing with us," said Patrick Guerriero, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans.  Log Cabin California was the only gay and lesbian organization to endorse Governor Schwarzenegger's candidacy last year.

Governor Schwarzenegger, at a rally in Ontario, California over the weekend, derided California Democrats for delaying the California budget and pandering to special interests.  The Governor, in a self-deprecating reference to a Saturday Night Live skit said, "[i]f they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers' ... if they don't have the guts, I call them girlie men."

The partisan attacks from the left were almost immediate.  Some, including a California State Senator, referred to it as "blatant homophobia." 

"What is blatant here, is the blatant partisan political hay that some on the left are trying to make out of this comment.  It is outrageous that anyone would accuse Governor Schwarzenegger of being anti-gay.  The Governor is one of the most inclusive Governors in the nation regardless of party affiliation.  This is a time when the gay and lesbian community should be uniting to fight anti-gay legislation and reaching out to our allies in both parties.   This is not the time for baseless partisan attacks and mind-numbing political correctness," concluded Guerriero.


Man snapped after sexual advances by gay friend, jury told

A MAN strangled and cut up the body of his infatuated gay friend who had tried once too often to "come on to him", it was claimed yesterday.

The prosecution made the allegation against Ian Sutherland, 33, in its closing speech to the jury at the High Court in Edinburgh.

However, the defence insisted that Sutherland’s jealous ex-girlfriend was the real killer of Alan Wilson, 51, portraying Tracy Scott, 31, as a witness whose account changed "like the wind on the last day of the Open golf".

The jury will be asked to return a verdict today.


Adoption agencies refuse gay couples
Carin Pettersson
Even if the Norwegian parliament may give gay couples the right to adopt, the decision will only have symbolic meaning as adoption agencies do not accept homosexual lifestyles.
«Homosexual adoption is not up for discussion in the countries we adopt from,» said Kristin Holtedahl, team coordinator for adoption at the agency Verdens Barn, to the Norwegian daily Bergens Tidende. «That way of life is not accepted; in some countries it’s even illegal to be homosexual.»

Only symbolic
As a result, even if Stortinget allow homosexual couples to adopt, it may only be symbolic for homosexual couples who want to adopt a child from abroad.

None of the countries Verdens Barn and Adopsjonsforum, the two largest adoption agencies in Norway, work with accept that the couple who want the child is living in a homosexual relationship.

According to the paper, in China, where most of the children in Norway are adopted from, the adopting parents have to sign a statement that they are not gay.


Thousands in Miss. rally against same-sex unions
The Associated Press

TUPELO — About 5,500 people attended a Rally for Traditional Marriage, where speakers said the United States should not allow same-sex unions.

The event Sunday at the BancorpSouth Center was organized by more than 50 northeast Mississippi church leaders.

"Every attempt to redefine marriage is an attempt to undermine the foundation and faith of this nation," said Forrest Sheffield, pastor of Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo.

Gary Bauer, a former Reagan administration domestic policy adviser who's now the chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, said Americans "are fighting two wars" — against terrorism and for traditional values.


Winn-Dixie alters gay policy
Protections made after request by stock-owning NYC pension fund
Bloomberg News

Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. agreed to include protections for gay and lesbian workers after a request from two of New York City's five public employee pension funds, which hold $1.57 million in the supermarket chain's stock.

The Jacksonville, Fla.-based company, which operates 1,070 supermarkets in 12 U.S. states, agreed Friday to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation, New York City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. said today. Thompson is the custodian for New York City's five public pension funds, which have a total asset value of $80 billion.

Two months ago, Thompson, acting on behalf of the city's non-uniformed workers' and teachers' pension funds, asked Winn-Dixie to amend its equal employment policy. The chain is among almost two-dozen companies including FedEx Corp. and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. that have agreed to change such policies in response to requests by the New York pension funds, said Jeff Simmons, a spokesman for Thompson.

In May, Thompson submitted a shareholder proposal to Winn- Dixie's board requesting the company adopt a written equal employment opportunity policy explicitly prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Same-sex couples prepare to join domestic partner registry

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) Ralph Cusack and Butch Fenton are just one couple among dozens expected to join the state's domestic partner registry when it goes into effect at the end of July.

``It's the next legal step we can take in having the right to deal with each other's personal issues at a time when it might be needed,'' said Cusack, a Portland resident hopes to travel to Augusta with his partner of 24 years to join the registry. ``I see it as very practical but it certainly has a strong symbolism to it.''

Supporters of the law, which is part of a bill that expands inheritance rights for unmarried couples, are planning a party to celebrate what they call a historic day.
The domestic partner registry represents another step toward securing equal rights for all Mainers, said Betsy Smith of Equality Maine


Homosexual 'rapes' deaf, mute, retarded man
Faces up to 7 years for criminal transmission of HIV
© 2004

A homosexual who had sex with a deaf, mute, mentally retarded man faces up to seven years in prison after being convicted by an Illinois jury.

Samuel Wheeler, 49, of Decatur, Ill., was found guilty of criminal transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The Decatur Herald & Review reports Wheeler was arrested April 30 after having sex with a 23-year-old deaf and mute man whom police say is "mentally slow."

During the trial, Wheeler admitted engaging in sexual activity with the man, knowing he had tested positive for HIV. But he also claimed another recent test indicated he did not have HIV in his system.


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