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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bounty Killer's Belgian Gig is Axed UK

Homophobic Jamaican dancehall artist Bounty Killer, who was to perform at the Krakrock Festival in Avelgem, Belgium this September, has had his gig cancelled.

Festival organiser Bert Breda objected to his homophobic lyrics saying: "Hateful people are not welcome at the festival."

Breda went on to say that he hoped that other festival organisers would follow his example and refuse to allow any artists who considered homophobic lyrics to be acceptable to perform.

Peter Tatchell from Outrage! said: "This cancellation is the latest success in the escalating Outrage! campaign to halt concerts by Jamaican dancehall music stars who advocate the murder of gay people. All across Europe there are moves to halt the singers' concerts and get their CDs removed from record stores."


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