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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Concern grows in Tucson over anti-gay vandalism

TUCSON, Ariz. Anti-gay vandalism is on the rise in Tucson.
That has both community activitists and police worried that it could lead to more violent crimes or attacks.

There were two incidents last week in which someone spray-painted a slur at a center for gay, lesbian and transgendered youth and a swastika at a gay-oriented church.

In April, anti-gay graffiti was painted at an abandoned property near Interstate Ten.

Tucson police Detective Tim Rupel says vandalism aimed at minority groups "pumps people up" who view minorities as weak.


New Paltz lifts 2 postings on town Web siteSupervisor: Items weren't authorized
By Gabriel J. Wasserman
Poughkeepsie Journal

NEW PALTZ -- A judge's ruling on same-sex marriage and the Declaration of Independence have been removed from the New Paltz town Web site after a councilwoman had them posted without authorization.

Town Supervisor Don Wilen and his assistant, Guy Kempe, said councilwoman Kitty Brown's postings constitute a breach of security.

Brown agreed there's a need to discuss Web-posting protocols, along with the criteria for content, at Thursday night's town board meeting.

''I'm speechless,'' Brown said Tuesday afternoon. ''I actually have never seen a policy.'


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