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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Eric Robert Rudolph Timeline

     It's helpful to know some background on the Eric Robert Rudolph case. Let's start with a timeline for the list of charges Rudolph faces.  

       38-year old Eric Robert Rudolph is suspected in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the Olympics in Atlanta.  It killed Alice Hawthorne and wounded one hundred eleven others.

     Rudolph is also charged in the bombing of the New Woman All Women Clinic in Birmingham in 1998. Officer Robert Sanderson was killed and Emily Lyons, who also worked at the abortion clinic, was critically injured.

     Rudolph faces charges in two bombings at a professional building north of Atlanta in 1997, and for setting two bombs at a lesbian club in 1997.


Protesters lash out at Bush, Cheney on economy, war and more
Detractors in front of Expo Center lay an array of problems at the feet of the administration.
By Matt Wagner

Protesters welcomed Vice President Dick Cheney to Springfield Monday by blaming him for an array of perceived political blunders.

The ailing economy. The war in Iraq. The push to ban gay marriage. A record-breaking budget deficit.

All were cited as examples of how the Bush administration has failed the country and fueled anti-American hatred.

"We've got to change the politics of the United States," said Steve Hill of Springfield, a soft-spoken man wearing a yellow baseball cap. "The Bush and Cheney administration — that's not my America."


Grey, Gay and sexy too
By P. 22-06-2004
Grey, Gay and sexy too!

This may seem like an oxymoron – I mean, how can anyone gay over 30 be sexy  - let anyone over 50?

With the baby-boomers all getting older, we’ve seen a big upsurge in the Bears scene in the last 5 years as the boomers entered their “fluffy” 40’s - when hair started to grow in places it didn’t when they were adolescents, to be matched by a booming midriff too.

So now as this group enters the 50’s and 60’s is it going to be OK to be Grey and Gay?  - You'd think not from the media which still persists in maintaining the myth that all gay people are 18-25 years old and that they are the only ones to have a sex life or spend money. But with improving healthcare and drugs like viagra there is no reason for people to stop being sexually active just because they're older.

The other myth that still persists is that older men are unattractive to anyone and that they’re only interested in chasing young men. It’s hard to go against the stereotype - developed from as far back as ancient Greece - that only younger men are attractive  but many people are attracted by maturity. The other stereotype is that all older men are sugar daddies and all younger men who are attracted to them are gold diggers at best – while such relationships do exist, they are in the minority and don’t persist in my experience.


Benefits for same-sex partners on agenda
Staff Writer

PRINCETON BOROUGH - Local officials could decide tonight if the borough will join a very short list of New Jersey government bodies that offer health-care and pension benefits to employees' same-sex domestic partners.

Approval for benefits coverage to borough employees' domestic partners would be linked with the state's new domestic partnership law, which takes effect July 10.

Among its provisions, that law would make registered, same-sex partners of state employees eligible for health insurance and pension coverage.


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