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Monday, June 21, 2004

CCLU threatened school district with injunction
By:Brian Woodman, Jr. , Staff Writer 06/21/2004
Annette Lamoreaux, a legal director with the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union, confirmed last week that the organization threatened the Windsor Locks School District with an injunction.

The organization informed the district that it would face the action if education officials chose to allow a presentation by clergy at Windsor Locks High School on homosexuality and related topics.

Members of the Stonewall Speakers, an organization that discusses homosexuality and related topics with professional organizations and students, conducted a presentation at the high school last month. Members of the group discussed their personal experiences with students from three classes of students that were studying health and contemporary issues.

Some local clergy and members of the public said the May 17 event needed a rebuttal for balance, but officials cancelled a scheduled presentation at the school by clergy earlier this month. Kevin Flannery, pastor for the Congregational Church in Windsor Locks, reported that he and clergy from five other local churches wanted to offer a religious perspective on the issues.

Flannery said he and others felt the speakers had an agenda behind their presentation. He added that they would stand with the speakers in condemning violence, but would have preferred that another perspective be given on gay lifestyles for balance.


Documenting Berlin's Gay History  
Berlin's Gay Museum looks a historical, as well as present-day events.
Berlin's Gay Museum is tucked away in the multicultural district of Kreuzberg. Established in 1985, the museum is a private institution dedicated to preserving, exhibiting, and discovering gay and lesbian history, art, and culture.
Although many organizations around the world collect historical material relevant to gay men and lesbians, the Berlin museum is the only institution of its kind which is open full time and has a dedicated building with changing exhibitions open to the public.  

"We're planning to open a permanent exhibit on gay history from 1800 - 1970 this December," said Gerrit Horbacher, the musem's spokesman. "People are often confused when they come here and only see art exhibits. They ask us where the history is, so that's something we'll have on show by the end of the year."


Sperm donor gets visitation rights to lesbian couple's child

MONTREAL -- A man who donated his sperm so that a lesbian couple could have a child has been given visitation rights by a Quebec judge.

The Journal de Montréal reported this morning that Quebec Superior Court Justice Suzanne Courteau granted the man the right to visit the child, three times per week, even though he isn't officially recognized as the father's child.

The man, who is gay, agreed to donate his sperm to a lesbian couple, who are friends. After the birth they initially allowed him to see the baby, but then they refused access.

The two parties will now have to deal with whether the man will be recognized as father of the baby on the birth certificate.


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