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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

from HRC:

Take Action!
Tell your Senators to Oppose the Discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment

The attempt to amend the Constitution to discriminate against same-sex couples and families will come to a head soon - a Senate vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment is expected in early July. We need to make sure that our Senators hear from us like never before.

Please help us get 250,000 messages to our legislators before the vote - we only have a few weeks!

Send this e-mail to your Senators today, even if you already have, and then make sure to tell your friends.

Staff who work in Congressional offices report that e-mail is an effective way to communicate with members of Congress as long as the e-mails are personalized, so please take a moment to add your own words and personalize your letter below. Thank you!


Current Advocacy Campaigns from Human Rights Campaign


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