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Monday, June 21, 2004

N.H. Coalition Opposes Gay Marriage Amendment
Republicans, Democrats Join In Opposition

CONCORD, N.H. -- A group of New Hampshire Democrats and Republicans gathered Monday to oppose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would ban same-sex marriages.

Hearings on the Federal Marriage Amendment are scheduled for Tuesday in Washington. President George W. Bush supports the amendment.

"The Federal Marriage Amendment actually writes discrimination into the Constitution against gays (and) lesbians and creates a slippery slope that puts the rights of all Americans at risk," said Executive Councilor Peter Spaulding, a Republican. "When the Constitution has been amended, it was only to expand the rights of Americans."

Former New Hampshire Gov. Walter Peterson, a Republican, called the amendment "an enormous waste of time and money for Congress."

"Across the country, people are much more concerned about the loss of jobs, the cost of health care and the progress of the efforts of the war in Iraq," he said.


Gay marriage roils a key battleground
By Rob Hotakainen -- Bee Washington Bureau

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - Even in gay-friendly Cleveland Heights, Mayor Ed Kelley has some advice for gays and lesbians who want Democratic Sen. John Kerry to defeat President Bush in November: Stop promoting gay marriage.

"I wouldn't be pushing the issue," said Kelley, who calls himself a conservative Democrat. "It helps Bush. It's exactly what Bush wants to have happen."

With polls showing most Ohio voters opposed to same-sex unions, many Democrats fear a high-profile fight over gay marriage will do nothing but damage Kerry's chances in a hotly contested swing state.

Some are even calling Ohio "the Florida of 2004," the state that could well decide this year's election.

But many gays and lesbians in the Buckeye State say it would be a mistake to sit back, particularly as their opponents try to force a vote on a state constitutional amendment that would ban gay unions.


Church blessing for civil unions
The gay marriage debate is heating up as some churches confirm plans to let same-sex couples trip down the aisle for civil union ceremonies.

A Wellington Presbyterian minister says she intends seeking registration as a civil union celebrant so gay couples can have a church ceremony and at least one other Wellington minister is likely to do the same.

"Absolutely. I want to be first in line," St Andrew's on the Terrace Presbyterian minister Margaret Mayman said.

"I think it's really important as part of my ministry through St Andrew's, and I'm sure that the St Andrew's congregation would want that too."

Critics say the move is proof that the Civil Union Bill is simply a backdoor method of legalising gay marriage. "As I understand the law they'll be able to do that, but at that point you do have to ask yourself what's the distinction," United Future leader Peter Dunne said.


Law Lords Back Gay Tenancy Rights
By Stephen Howard, PA News

The rights of gays to take over tenancies when their spouses die was upheld by the Law Lords today.

When the Court of Appeal gave the same rights as heterosexuals to homosexuals in November 2002, it was hailed as a breakthrough.

Lawyers said at the time that the appeal judges had rewritten previous legislation to embrace European Convention rights outlawing discrimination.

Now four out of the five Law Lords hearing the case have endorsed that decision, throwing out an appeal by landlord Ahamad Ghaidan.


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