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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Pride at Work Commneds the New York Times on its Adoption of a Gender Inclusive Non-Discrimination Policy
WASHINGTON - May 6 - Pride At Work applauds the New York Times for adding gender identity or expression to the nondiscrimination section of its corporate H.R. policy. This move by the company follows the adoption of the same language in the Times' union contract with the Newspaper Guild (CWA) last fall. Labor Unions have a long history of protecting workers, and the work of the Newspaper Guild to uphold the rights of transgender employees is included in this tradition. Protection of gender identity and expression in the union contract was a crucial catalyst, launching the company's initiative to add it to its own policy. Addition of gender identity or expression to the New York Times Company corporate H.R. policy will include the other NYT corporateproperties- The Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram, both of which are union shops.

"It is energizing to see companies that are committed to maintaining a fair and safe work environment for all employees" said Nancy Wohlforth, Co-President of Pride At Work, AFL-CIO. "Transgender workers often face ignorance, discrimination, and harassment on the job. Gender identity and expression protection clauses in union contracts are one way to combat bias, but for a company to voluntarily incorporate protections in their own guidelines is proof that the union's work has been effective."

The New York Times has a solid reputation as one of the greatest newspapers in the world. Pride At Work hopes that other newspapers will follow their lead and add these essential non-discrimination protections to their corporate policies.


It's Not Too Late to Host an 'A Night to Create Change' Event in Your Hometown
WASHINGTON - May 6 - On May 16, 2004, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans and their allies will be celebrating.

This is the historic night before Massachusetts grants equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is sponsoring "A Night to Create Change" so supporters of marriage equality can turn their enthusiasm into activism. The Task Force will join all the parties together in a nationwide conference call as Task Force executive director Matt Foreman gives a "State of the Unions" address. Foreman will be joined by other special guests.

It's not too late to register as a host. Hosting is a fun and easy way to raise both awareness and funds in the fight for LGBT equality. We're asking hosts to set a fundraising goal of $500 or $1,000 for their events.

For more information, go to:


Family Lobby Day set for May 11
By D'Anne Witkowski
LANSING - Michigan families will take to the Capitol on Tues. May 11 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to lobby their legislators on behalf of LGBT families.

Bev Davidson of Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality said it is important for legislators to see gay families and put a face on this issue and she added that often in the debate about LGBT people having children or adopting, the point of view of the child gets lost.

"While this really does affect gay parents and gay people this is so about the kids. Because if I, as an adult, lose a child, I have more resources to deal with my grief because I'm a grownup," said Davidson, "but kids don't."

Family Lobby Day is intentionally scheduled to take place right after Mother's Day and comes at a time when there are a number of anti-gay bills facing the Michigan legislature, including HB 5690 and HB 5691. These two bills would make it more difficult for LGBT people to adopt in the state. Another bill that has yet to be introduced would ban second-parent adoption in Michigan altogether. The state House is expected to introduce this bill for a vote in the current session.


Asian Canadians advancing equal marriage
Support will reach out to a vulnerable community.

Anyone who remembers the protests that followed last summer's arrival of same-sex marriage in Ontario and British Columbia, will recall that a sizeable, disproportionate number of the bused-in protestors were Asian Canadians. Remember those red t-shirt-clad Christian fundamentalists and extremists that were on CBC-TV?

A coalition has been formed to to ensure Asian Canadians see a gay-positive, non-discriminatory representation of their true, tolerant community. Asian Canadians for Equal Marriage (ACFEM), a Toronto-based group that has the support of the Chinese Canadian National Council of Toronto, has been formed with that purpose in mind.

ACFEM describes iteself as a "coalition of non-partisan, multi-faith organizations and individuals from diverse Asian Canadian Communities." The group actively supports human rights, including gay marriage and they're seeking further participation and involvement of like-minded organizations and individuals who are interested in:

* media monitoring
* developing of position paper
* building a diverse and multi-faith network
* organizing a speakers bureau
* public education


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