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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Minister blocks France's first gay marriage
PARIS, May 5 (AFP) - French Justice Minister Dominique Perben called Wednesday on judicial authorities in the southwest city of Bordeaux to block a marriage between homosexuals planned for next month.

"If such a marriage is organised there are two possibilities," he told the National Assembly.

"Either the public prosecutor objects before it takes place and the parties concerned seek a decision from the courts. Or the prosecutor demands it (the marriage) be deemed null and void after it has taken place.

"I have already asked the prosecutor to object."


Governor Says Massachusetts Is No Gay Las Vegas

BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts should not become the Las Vegas of gay marriage, Gov. Mitt Romney said on Thursday as he vowed to block efforts to repeal a law that bars the state from marrying homosexual couples from out of state.

Less than two weeks before gay marriage is set to become legal in Massachusetts, Romney drew an analogy between his state and the Nevada gambling capital known for quickie weddings.

"Massachusetts should not become the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage," Romney, a Republican who opposes homosexual marriage, told reporters.


Is Ghana Ready for Gay Rights?
Accra is asleep at 10 pm on a Saturday night, but in and around the suburb of Adabraka, men are gathering at Strawberry, a well-known gay (homosexual) friendly nightspot. The men mingle discreetly, aware that if they are discovered they could face discrimination, blackmail, imprisonment and torture.

Ghana's criminal code, in sexual offences article 105, states that "whoever is guilty of unnatural carnal knowledge - (a) of any person without his consent, is guilty of first degree felony; or (b) of any person with his consent, or of any animal, is guilty of a misdemeanor." This law, a relic of repressive British sodomy laws, groups homosexuality with bestiality, assault and rape, and brings a minimum misdemeanor charge for gay activity.

The Acting Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) , Mrs. Anna Bossman, said the government should look at decriminalizing homosexuality. "Engaging in these practices is not currently legal. It may be said that this is a form of discrimination. Why would you criminalize actions between two consenting adults?" she asked.


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