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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Romney vows veto of any attempt to repeal 1913 law
The Associated Press
Gov. Mitt Romney said Thursday he would veto legislation to repeal a 1913 statute that will bar out-of-state gay couples from tying the knot in Massachusetts after same-sex marriage becomes legal on May 17.

The law prohibits out-of-state residents from marrying in Massachusetts if the union would not be allowed in their home state. Because no other state affirmatively allows gay marriage, Romney has said, this means that no out-of-state gay couples can marry here.

Two Democratic senators this week proposed a budget amendment that would eliminate the statute. Three other lawmakers drafted a similar proposal last month.


State of Oregon trying to block order to register same-sex wedding licenses

SALEM – The state of Oregon is attempting to block a circuit court judge’s order that the state register same-sex marriage licenses issued by Multnomah County.

If the state were to register same-sex marriage licenses, gay and lesbian couples would be able to claim immediately benefits that might be denied in the future by the Oregon Legislature, said a prepared statement from Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers on Thursday.

Myers’ announcement on Thursday was yet another legal twist thrown into the already complicated debate over whether the state’s current marriage statutes violate the Oregon Constitution. Myers, an advisory ruling issued in March, said state statutes currently do not allow same-sex marriages -- but the statute itself may be in violation of the state Constitution.

Myers’ challenge comes after Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Frank Bearden last month ordered the state registrar to register same-sex wedding licenses granted by the county. Multnomah County had been issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples beginning early March. But Bearden ordered the county to end the practice.


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