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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Will N.J. Be Next Gay Marriage State?
by Beth Shapiro Newscenter
(Trenton, New Jersey) A suit challenging a New Jersey law that prevents same-sex marriage will be heard by the state Court of Appeals.

The appeal brief was filed today by Lambda Legal on behalf of seven lesbian and gay couples seeking full marriage.

The suit began in 2002 and is based solely on the New Jersey Constitution. "New Jersey's Constitution requires the state to treat everyone equally, and gay couples aren't treated equally as long as they can't marry," said David Buckel, director of Lambda Legal's Marriage Project and lead attorney in this case.

The appeal follows a lower-court decision late last year in favor of the state, just as the lower court ruled in Massachusetts before that state's high court ruled that same-sex couples must receive marriage licenses starting May 17.


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