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Monday, May 17, 2004

Lynch interprets law to allow same-sex marriages to stand in R.I.
The Associated Press
By AMY FORLITI Associated Press Writer

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - Attorney General Patrick Lynch said Monday that under his interpretation of state law, Rhode Island would recognize any marriage legally performed in another state, as long as the marriage wasn't contrary to public policy.

However, he left the definition of public policy to either the General Assembly or the courts. He also left it to the courts to decide whether same-sex marriages can be legally performed in Rhode Island.

"This office's review of Rhode Island law suggests that Rhode Island would recognize any marriage validly performed in another state unless doing so would run contrary to the strong public policy of this state," Lynch said in a statement.

"Public policy can be determined by statute, legal precedent and common law."
He said that to date, the only marriages that are void in Rhode Island are those involving bigamy, incest or mental incompetence, or marriages in which one or both parties never intended to be married.


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