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Monday, May 17, 2004

R.I., Conn. attorneys general expected to decide on Mass. nuptials
By Sarah Schweitzer and Donovan Slack, Globe Staff

Attorneys general in Rhode Island and Connecticut are expected to release opinions today about whether same-sex marriages from Massachusetts should be recognized in their states, decisions that could intensify the controversy over the status of out-of-state gay couples seeking to wed here.

Some local officials in Massachusets believe that if Rhode Island or Connecticut decide to recognize gay couples married in the Bay State, more communities here will be emboldened to allow nonresidents to receive marriage licenses.

Provincetown, Somerville, and Worcester officials have already said that any same-sex couple, instate or out-of-state, would be eligible for a marriage license so long as the couple sign an oath attesting that they know of no legal impediment to marriage in their home state. The officials say they will not further scrutinize or screen the applicants.

‘‘We will take marriage licenses no matter where the couple resides,’’ said Worcester City Clerk David Rushford. ‘‘We are not the marriage police.’’


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