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Monday, May 17, 2004

New York May Honor Out-of-State Marriages

As car after car of gay New Yorkers hoping to marry head toward the Massachusetts border, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has not closed the door to the possibility that New York will recognize same-sex marriages performed in that state.

In a letter to Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Mr. Spitzer disagreed on Thursday with Mr. Romney's assessment that marriages performed in Massachusetts would not be considered valid in New York.

In his letter, Mr. Spitzer referred Massachusetts officials to the advisory opinion he wrote shortly after the mayor of a small upstate town began marrying gay couples in March.

In that opinion, which was not legally binding, Mr. Spitzer said New York's marital laws did not permit same-sex marriage because the topic was not addressed in the state's statutes. But, he asserted that New York law would require the state to recognize marriages legally performed in other states.



A gay man who mistakenly went to a Chelsea club on a "straight night" was tossed out and brutally attacked by two men - one of them a security guard, police said.

The apparent bias incident began at 10:20 p.m. Saturday, when the victim walked into Club Pure at 101 Seventh Ave., where he had gone on several prior occasions to attend gay soirées, police said.

But on Saturday night, the 29-year-old man was confronted by another man who grabbed him and tossed him outside.

Igor Llioukhov, a 37-year-old security guard at the club, then punched the man in the face and spewed anti-gay insults at him, cops said. Police were called and arrested Llioukhov on charges of assault and aggravated harassment. The club's manager was also issued summonses for having unlicensed security guards and a disorderly premises.


Out-Of-State Gays Head To P'Town To Wed 
by Margo Williams Newscenter

(Provincetown, Massachusetts) Despite threats from Gov. Mitt Romney that they cannot marry in Massachusetts and laws in their own states that prevent their marriages from being recognized dozens of out-of-state same-sex couples are arriving in Provincetown to wed.

The gay mecca at the tip of Cape Cod is one of three towns in Massachusetts refusing to heed Romney's demand that gay couples from outside the state cannot be granted marriage licenses.


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