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Monday, April 05, 2004

Oklahoma Refuses Birth Certificate To Baby With Two Dads 
by Newscenter Staff
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) Two-year-old Vivian is like most kids her age, curious, active and loving.  That love is directed at her two dads.  The tot has lived with her parents, Gregory Hampel and Edmund Swaya, in Seattle, Washington since shortly after she was born in Oklahoma. To ensure Vivian is cared for properly should anything happen to either of her dads, Hampel and Swaya requested a vital birth record showing the couple as joint parents. Despite a legal direction which permits co-adoption the Oklahoma Health Department refused.  


Knee-jerk hostility toward gays is rampant in black America
Georgia's black clergy foster fear and hatred with statement against civil unions
You'd think black Americans -- still struggling against a lingering, if muted, racism -- would occupy the front lines in the battle against bigotry. But a knee-jerk antipathy toward gays and lesbians is rampant in black America, nowhere more evident than in the black church. Black ministers often overlook more commonplace sins -- lying, gossiping, fornicating -- to denounce homosexuality from the pulpit, casting Christianity as a harsh and narrow religion of exclusion.


Groups lay groundwork for Massachusetts election fight

In Massachusetts, gay rights supporters are training activists to become door-to-door campaigners. Conservatives are planning a legislative guide for voters. Both sides already are gearing up for the fall legislative elections as they jockey for influence in the fight over a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.


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