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Monday, April 05, 2004

Glide Memorial blesses gay couples.
By Ethan Fletcher
Same-sex married couples were blessed and affirmed at Glide Memorial Church Sunday, a day after more than 1,000 Catholics marched in North Beach to oppose gay marriages.


Wanting More

With their Vermont civil unions unrecognized here, local couples support the push for gay marriage


Attorney General Defies Governor on Gay Marriages
Like Gov. Mitt Romney, Tom Reilly doesn't favor state high court ruling allowing same-sex weddings, but he promises to uphold it.
By Elizabeth Mehren
Times Staff Writer
April 4, 2004
BOSTON — With the state's top law enforcement officer and the governor squaring off over same-sex marriage, folks on Beacon Hill last week were likening the Capitol to the OK Corral. If so, Atty. Gen. Tom Reilly was the cool-headed cowboy — the one who stares dead-on at his opponent and dares him to blink. "I just don't think he's gotten it yet," Reilly said, explaining why he defied Gov. Mitt Romney's request that he seek a stay of the court ruling that on May 17 will make Massachusetts the first state to permit gay and lesbian marriages.
"I think the governor is certainly disappointed in the court's decision. But whether he likes it or not, that


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