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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Gay workers fear for their jobs; nondiscrimination policies still scarce
As the nation debates same-sex marriage, gays and lesbians say they have a more basic concern: keeping their jobs.
In most states, including South Carolina, there is no law against firing a gay or lesbian worker because of sexual orientation. It's impossible to estimate how often people are fired for that reason, in part because most employers usually cite some other reason for getting rid of people they don't like. But gay discrimination remains an issue despite growth in the number of corporations that have adopted nondiscrimination policies.


GOP postpones censure of clerk over gay marriages
Source: AP
Sandoval County Republicans are going to have to wait to censure County Clerk Victoria Dunlap.
The Republican Central Committee had planned to take up the resolution against the clerk yesterday, but the group postponed the action until its next meeting April 28th. County party chairman Richard Gibbs says party rules require a seven-day notice to consider the resolution. Dunlap has been in the spotlight numerous times since she was elected four years ago. Most recently, she decided to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


Gay marriage supporters once would have considered civil unions a victory
By Erik Arvidson Sentinel & Enterprise Statehouse Bureau
BOSTON -- Just six months ago, before a landmark court ruling sparked a riveting debate about gay rights in the Legislature, advocates for same-sex marriage rights would have considered a civil unions law an undeniable victory.
Only two years ago, it would have been considered a meaningful progression in the rights of gay and lesbian couples if lawmakers had approved a bill authorizing limited benefits for domestic partners of the same sex.


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