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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Attorney Calls Araujo Trial Witness A Ruthless Liar
HAYWARD, Calif. -- Defense attorneys in the murder trial of an East Bay transgender teenager continue their cross examination Wednesday of the key witness in the case.

Emotions were running high as Jaron Nabors agreed to testify against his three friends in exchange for pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Tuesday, Nabors gave a chilling account of Gwen Araujo's death, detailing how she was beaten and strangled after he and his friends discovered she was biologically male.

Nabors admitted he helped bury Araujo's body. Afterwards, he said, the group was hungry so they stopped at McDonald's for breakfast.

Defense attorneys are trying to discredit Nabors' testimony. At one point in the trial, an attorney called him a ruthless liar.


AP: Employers cutting domestic partner benefits after gay weddings
By Associated Press
Now that it's about to be legal for same-sex couples to marry, some Massachusetts employers are eliminating domestic partner benefits offered to gay workers, requiring them to say ``I do'' if they want to keep their partner on their health plan.

      Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, one of the state's largest employers, will drop domestic partner benefits for Massachusetts residents at the end of this year, as will Babson College.

      ``The original reason for domestic partner benefits was to recognize that same-sex couples could not marry,'' Beth Israel spokesman Jerry Berger said. ``Now that they can, they are essentially on the same footing as heterosexual couples.''

      Employers are not legally required to offer such benefits. Those that do typically require employees and their partner to sign paperwork, in some cases an affidavit, stating that they live together and are financially interdependent.


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