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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

W.Pa. Presbyterian church votes to sever ties with 10 presbyteries
Associated Press Writer
PITTSBURGH -- A conservative Presbyterian church voted to sever ties with 10 regional governing bodies, saying it is frustrated that some church leaders have repeatedly tried to overturn a church law that bans gay clergy.


Publishing notices of gay marriages stirs controversy
The Seattle Times
SEATTLE - (KRT) - News articles listing many of the rights and benefits denied gays and lesbians because they can't legally marry may overlook at least one: having wedding announcements published in their hometown paper.

Content with reporting about the gay-marriage movement with neutrality, some newspapers - particularly smaller publications - are finding themselves pulled, unwillingly, into the fray.

As gays and lesbians in recent weeks have gone to Portland or San Francisco to obtain marriage licenses, papers have been left to figure out how to deal with requests to publicly announce their new unions.


Greens launch manifesto for a gay-friendly London
Greens will work to enhance London’s position as a world-class gay-friendly city and crack down on homophobia, says Green Party mayoral candidate, Darren Johnson, as he launches his manifesto for a gay-friendly London, alongside leading Gay and human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell.

“As London’s first ever out gay Mayor I will be working to enhance London’s role as a world class gay-friendly city. My plans include establishing a Lesbian & Gay History Museum to celebrate queer history and culture. At the same time, I recognise that there is no room for complacency and will be working to stamp out anti-gay prejudice in the police, business and schools and crack down on homophobic hate crimes,” said Darren.

North Carolina judge denies ACLU's request to let 'queer guy' posters go back up
By MARTHA WAGGONER, Associated Press Writer

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - American Civil Liberties Union lawyers lost their fight Tuesday to let a gay teenager campaign for student body president with posters billing himself as the "Queer Guy for Hunt High."

With Wednesday's election looming, the ACLU sought an order forcing administrators at Wilson's James B. Hunt High School to reverse their decision to remove that sign and another reading "Gay Guys Know Everything!"

But after a 40-minute hearing late Tuesday, Wilson County Superior Court Judge Dwight Cranford denied the request without comment.

Robert E. Kendall Jr., a spokesman for Wilson County schools, said the ruling "reaffirms a principal's responsibility and authority to manage school-related activities." Kendall said in the statement that student elections will occur Wednesday without any candidate making a campaign speech.

The ACLU expressed disappointment with the ruling.


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