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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

election 'blacklist'
Coaltion wants candidates opposed to gay marriage defeated
Gay-rights leaders are urging Canadians to "vote for equality" as they mobilize to be a force in the federal election with a blacklist of candidates opposed to gay marriage they want to see defeated.

"This is more than just the gay vote," said Laurie Arron, a spokesman for Egale Canada.

"This is about people who care about the charter," he told a crowd gathered outside the riding office of Toronto Liberal MP Dennis Mills.

Mills is on a preliminary blacklist of candidates released by Canadians for Equal Marriage, which held simultaneous gatherings in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver to launch its Vote Equality 04 election campaign plans.


Lawmakers take up gay marriage ban issue again
By Scott Rothschild, Journal-World
TOPEKA — Right out of the chute, the Kansas Legislature today renewed the debate over a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

At the outset of the wrap-up session, Senate President Dave Kerr, R-Hutchinson, announced the formation of a conference committee on a resolution dealing with voter registration lists, which several lawmakers said would be gutted, and then used as a vehicle for a gay marriage prohibition.
"The Taliban would be proud of these procedures," said state Sen. David Adkins, R-Leawood, who has opposed anti-gay measures.

State Sen. Derek Schmidt, R-Independence, was one of those named to the conference committee.
Schmidt said he doesn't believe a constitutional amendment is needed to prohibit same-sex marriages in Kansas, but he said, he is willing to vote for a proposal to give voters the chance to decide the issue.
Constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate before being placed on the ballot for voter consideration.

Earlier this year, the House approved by two-thirds a proposed amendment barring gay marriage, but the Senate rejected the measure.

Proponents of the constitutional ban vowed that the issue would be brought up again during the wrap-up session.


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