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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

TG Voices in 55 Words or Less - 2004

The Board of Directors of Transgendered Voices, Incorporated, Wyoming not-for-profit corporation is pleased to announce TG Voices in 55 Words or Less a Writing Competition open to all Transgendered people not matter what type of TG they may be or what country they may live in.

Submissions may include any recorded work with both 55 words or less and a time span of 90 seconds or less.  The submissions are not reqired to fit any form or discuss any topic. One work per speaker but the author may submit different works with different speakers.

All works must be unpublished, original, and in English.  Adaptations or translations of other works of fiction are not acceptable.  The winners selected by the judges will be announced in September 2004 at……………event……… and will receive a cash awards of $1,000. (Not limited to a single winner.)

All submissions must be postmarked bymidnightAugust 1, 2004.  Mail the text and cd/cassette of the submission.  Text and recordings cannot be returned because of the large numbers of submissions, but will be archived by TG Voices, Incorporated.


TG Voices in 55 Words or Less -2004

Open to any Transgendered Person any place in the world

 Conditions of entry

1.   The competition is for spoken works of 55 words or less and having playing times of two minutes or less. The speaker is permitted to present any spoken work that meets the aforementioned criteria. Fact, fiction, poetry verbal art and all combinations of them art acceptable for judging.

2.   It must be the speaker’s and author’s  own work.

3.   It must not have won any award previously, nor have been performed previously. A rehearsed reading or private reading is permitted.

4.   It must not be an adaptation of anyone else's previously published or performed work.

5.   All rights to each submission entered remain with the author, except that Transgendered Voices, Incorporated may use the work in projects that meet its charitable goals of assisting the transgendered community.

7.   Prizes are: 1000.00

9.   The judges of note are: to be announced

10. Closing date for submissions is1st August 2004. It is expected that results will be announced to the media and on this website in September 2004.

13. The completed entry form must be accompanied by a legibly typed text of the work and a CD or cassette of the work.

17. The Author's name and any identifying details must not appear on the script in any place.  A cover sheet must give the title of the work and a different pseudonym for each play. Speaker’s and Author's commonly used pseudonyms will not be accepted.

18. More than one play may be entered. Each play must be accompanied by an entry form completed by the  speaker and author.

19.  Entrants should keep a copy of their work as no submissions will be returned to the entrants and TG Voices will not be liable to safeguard against loss or misuse by others..

20. Transgendered Voices, Inc. will not enter into correspondence regarding the results of the competition.

21. Entries are to arrive at Transgendered Voices, Inc. no earlier than15th April 2004. The closing date for entries is1st August 2004, or these may be date stamped by governmental postal service or private courier service not later than31st July 2004. 


Photocopies of entry forms will be accepted.

JudgingcriteriaWill be determined by the judges.


Transgendered Voices, Incorporated
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United States of America

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