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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

New York Courts Dealing With New Gay Marriage Cases
(Albany, NY) AP 03/17/04 -- The tangle of legal cases involving gay marriage in New York is growing thicker. In the past month, at least five criminal or civil proceedings related to gay marriages have been filed in New York courts.


South Sound
City hears public over opposing ban on gay marriages
OLYMPIA -- Those who support gay marriages said Tuesday it is a matter of equality. Those who oppose them said it will hurt the institution of marriage and the fabric of families. A public hearing before the City Council on a proposed resolution opposing a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage drew speakers from both sides of the issue. The council will consider the resolution at its next meeting.
There were 29 speakers Tuesday, with 20 supporting the resolution and nine opposing. For an hour and a half, residents took turns making their arguments.


Lawmakers expect to change votes
The compromise amendment that would ban same-sex marriage but establish civil unions for gays and lesbians was approved by a solid 127-77 legislative majority last week. But few lawmakers are enamored of the proposal pushed by House Speaker Thomas Finneran and Senate President Robert Travaglini and some plan to change their votes when the constitutional convention is reconvened March 29.
"I'm not going to vote for it in the end," said state Sen. Robert O'Leary, D-Barnstable. "I will support it until the final vote. I think it is a reasonable middle ground given the circumstances, but I believe the unfortunate part of all this is that we are amending the state constitution."


Local measure opposes gay marriage amendment
By Brian Joseph
The Desert Sun
March 17th, 2004
PALM SPRINGS -- At least 30 same-sex couples are expected to attend tonight’s City Council meeting to support a resolution against a federal marriage amendment. The resolution, brought forward by Councilwoman Ginny Foat, condemns a proposal by President Bush to amend the U.S. Constitution to prohibit gay couples from marrying.


Sebastopol supports gay marriage

Resolution urging recognition of same-sex unions first in Sonoma County


Key West endorses gay marriage


Staff Writer
Senate committee OKs bill despite legal concerns
A ban on civil unions raced out of a Senate committee yesterday despite protests of one senator that the legislation plows new legal ground and should be reviewed by the state attorney general.


Lawyer: West has no right to appeal gay wedding ban
New Paltz Mayor Jason West has no legal right to ask an appellate court to lift a judge's order barring him from performing same-sex marriages.


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