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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Transsexual's case against warden can move forward
By Dan Horn
The Cincinnati Enquirer
A transsexual who was severely beaten by another inmate at the Warren Correctional Institution will get a chance to prove in court that prison officials put her life at risk.


Reconstructionist rabbis at Deerfield meeting back gay marriage
By James D. Davis
Same-sex marriage got the endorsement of the nation's Reconstructionist rabbis at their annual convention in Deerfield Beach on Tuesday. In a unanimous vote, the 85 rabbis called for an end to laws that prevent gays from marrying. They also condemned as discriminatory all efforts to bar gays from benefits given other couples, such as health care coverage.


City police investigate vandalism at gay bar
Daily News staff
NEWPORT - Police are investigating whether a weekend window smashing at Castaways, the newly opened gay bar on Prospect Hill Street, was a random act of vandalism or an attack against homosexuals. "We are conducting an investigation to determine if there are any elements that would invoke the hate crime sentencing act," Lt. Norman Bestoso said this morning.


Wed 17 Mar 2004
Unions Oppose 'Anti-Gay' Employment Laws
By John Aston, PA News
Trade unions were today challenging new equality regulations which exempt faith-based employers from anti-discrimination laws.


Gay Episcopal Bishop Says 5 in Violation
Associated Press
NEW YORK - The Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson, said Monday it is "pretty clear" that five bishops opposed to his election who led an Ohio confirmation service Sunday violated their vows taken as members of the hierarchy.


There is a poll at this site on gay marriage being legal.. take it now!

Delaware gay rights bill stalled in Senate
In wake of recent events, a vote seems unlikely
Dover Bureau reporter
03/16/2004- The Delaware Senate is less likely to consider a bill this year that would extend the state's anti-discrimination protections to gay people because of the national furor over same-sex marriage, legislators and bill supporters said


Gay Churches Call For Civil Disobedience 


"Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945" at Phoenix library until April 9


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